Tenzo 12mm x 3000m Machine Polyprop Strapping Reel


A 12mm wide white polyprop strapping for use in auto and semi-auto strapping machines

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    Machine Strapping

    A 12mm wide polypropylene machine strapping manufactured from high quality polyprop material. This white coloured strapping is designed for use in semi-automatic and fully automatic strapping machines, and is usually used for strapping boxes and bundling items. The embossed surface of the strapping allows the tensioning wheels to tension the strap reliably and consistently, and it has a breaking strain of around 130kg which is adequate for most parceling and bundling applications.

    Using a high quality grade of polyprop during manufacture means this strapping limits residue buildup in strapping machines and reduces smoke when heat sealed. Reduced residue buildup means less cleaning and quicker servicing, helping your strapping machines to last longer and operate more reliably.

    Polyprop Machine Strapping Key Features:

    - Breaking strain of 130kg suitable for boxes and bundling applications.

    - Good quality low smoking and low residue polyprop material for low maintenance use with heat sealing strapping tools.

    - Supplied on a 200mm x 190mm cardboard for use on most dispensers and machines.

     - 12mm strap width

    Bulk Buy Pricing on Machine Strapping

    Polyprop machine strapping is available to buy in bulk pallet quantities for those looking for wholesale rates. We import polyprop strapping so are a very competitive source for large quantities.

    Box of 2 ReelsPallet of 60 ReelsMultiple Pallets
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    Polyprop Machine Strapping Specification

    Product Code: MS12130

    Strap Dimensions: 12mm x 0.55mm x 3000m

    Width: 12mm

    Thickness: 0.55mm

    Length: 3000m

    Material: Polypropylene with recycled material

    Weight of Reel: 10.6 kg

    Breaking Strain: 130kg

    Finish: White Embossed

    Quantity per Box: 2 Reels

    Quantity per Pallet: 60 Reels (30 boxes)

    Eco Packaging Score: 2/5

     - Recyclable: Yes

     - Biodegradable: No

     - Sustainable Materials: Yes (recycled content)

     - Plastic Free: No

     - Reduced Carbon Footprint: No