Polyprop Strapping

Polypropylene strapping is a general purpose strapping suitable for most pallet and box strapping applications manufactured from polyprop (PP) plastic. It is a low-cost general-purpose strapping for most short-term strapping requirements.
Polyprop strapping can be used for securing pallets up to 750kg that are being despatched immediately or kept in short term storage. Be careful when using polyprop strapping for long term storage as it doesn’t have the tensile strength of other strapping products so the straps may loosen over time. If you need long term tension then take a look at our polyester strapping products, these stay tighter for longer.
Tenzo Heavy Duty 12mm x 0.9mm x 1000m Polyprop Strapping on Plastic Reel
Super heavy duty polyprop strapping for securing heavy pallets, in our high quality TENSO brand.
- Very high breaking strain of 280kg for securing heavy pallets and loads.
- Good quality low smoking and low residue polyprop material for low maintenance use with heat sealing strapping tools.
- Supplied on a plastic reel for use on most dispensers and machines.
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