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A range of Colompac packaging including pop-up boxes and postal wraps designed to help you pack faster. The reliable Colompac® brand means you'll get quality you can rely on as well as a convenient stock range at good prices. Colompac packaging has long been used in the UK for packing ecommerce orders and are renowned for their quality and speed of packing. Their range focuses on providing a selection of packaging that looks quality and helps you pack at high speed. Although Colompac® aren't the cheapest packaging option around you can be assured of the highest quality possible. They focus on quality and their products sure show this is true. If you are looking for alternatives to Colompac® packaging consider your options carefully as quality could be an issue for you, sure you can find a cheaper option but consider quality and always check samples before ordering an alternative.

ColomPac boxes

Colompac boxes come in a range of different styles, the two main categories are dispatch boxes and presentation boxes. Colompac dispatch boxes can be used for general packing of online orders and usually cover the larger sized online orders and bulkier items. Choose the colompac dispatch packaging range if you are wanting a lower cost option or you are sending larger online orders by courier. The colompac presentation box range are more of a pizza style box and tend to be smaller in size for online orders that go by post rather than courier. The presentation box range have a hinged lid that opens like a presentation box and presents your online deliveries for a better customer experience. Be prepared to pay a bit more for these type of boxes though as they are more expensive to manufacture, but the flip side is better customer experience for your customers and faster packing for you.
Colompac® CP020 Cardboard Postal Wraps
Fast and highly protective postal wraps with reinforced edges in the reliable Colompac® brand. Premium Colompac book wraps are renown for their high quality construction and reliable strength.
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Colompac® CP151 Instant Bottom Pop-up Boxes (10/Pack)
Colompac® CP151 ecommerce boxes with a pop-up instant base.
- Super fast pop-up carton base.
- Fast and easy peel & seal closure.
- Frustration free easy tear open strip.
- Recyclable and biodegradable.
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