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ColomPac Packaging - ColomPac®

A range of Colompac packaging including pop-up boxes and postal wraps designed to help you pack faster. The reliable Colompac® brand means you'll get quality you can rely on as well as a convenient stock range at good prices. Colompac packaging has long been used in the UK for packing ecommerce orders and are renowned for their quality and speed of packing.

Colompac® CP020 Cardboard Postal Wraps
Fast and highly protective postal wraps with reinforced edges in the reliable Colompac® brand. Premium Colompac book wraps are renown for their high quality construction and reliable strength.
£ 1.45 1.45 GBP
Not Available For Sale 0.0 GBP
Colompac® CP151 Instant Bottom Pop-up Boxes (Pack of 10)
Colompac® CP151 ecommerce boxes with a pop-up instant base.
- Super fast pop-up carton base.
- Fast and easy peel & seal closure.
- Frustration free easy tear open strip.
- Recyclable and biodegradable.
Not Available For Sale 0.0 GBP