Jiffy® Foam Packaging Rolls

Jiffy® foam packaging rolls manufactured from a PE foam cushion wrap material for wrapping, protecting and interleaving between delicate, painted, and finished products.  PE foam wrap is a popular product for protecting painted surfaces as it does not risk marking the surface like bubble wrap can do.  Jiffy® foam packaging rolls are a high quality durable protective packaging material that can absorb high pressure and heavy weights without losing its protective ability.  Unlike bubble wrap that pops easily under pressure, jiffy® foam will maintain its cushioning properties even when used on heavy products.Jiffy® foam rolls are popular for many wrapping and packaging applications due to its superior packaging quality. Its anti-abrasive surface is very kind to even the most polished and delicate surfaces. Often used for packing heavy items like vases and glassware along with other painted metal products such as outdoor and indoor furniture. Foam packaging rolls keep their protective cushioning even under very high pressure making jiffy® foam packaging a much more protective wrap than other padded packaging types.