VCI Paper & Polythene

VCI paper and VCI polythene is impregnated with a chemical compound which emits a rust inhibiting vapour into the air which when condensed on a metal surface eliminates the risk of rust or corrosion on virtually any metal surface. VCI can help eliminate the need for any messy liquid rust preventatives and other rust inhibitors that are not friendly to the environment. VCI products are often used in conjunction with our packaged desiccants to offer a very comprehensive solution to medium term rust prevention.

VCI Polythene is a low density polyethelene film which has a VCI additive infused into it during the extrusion process. VCI polythene is a flexible packaging product which is waterproof and prevents your products from corrosion. We can supply VCI polythene in bags, sheets, pallet liners, covers, layflat tubing, and shrinkfilm to suit your particular application.

VCI Paper is a pure kraft paper that is soaked in a VCI compound and can be easily wrapped around a wide range of items. It is easy to use for small volume applications and the best choice for most small volume parts manufacturers. When using VCI paper pay special attention to the way the package is sealed, as the VCI compound will evaporate out of the package if it is not sealed effectively. Any holes or gaps in the outer packaging must be sealed so the VCI mist stays inside the package and condenses on the metal parts.


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