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VCI Packaging

VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) packaging is a specialized method of protecting metal items from corrosion during storage and transport. VCI materials release molecules that form a protective layer on the metal's surface, blocking moisture and contaminants that cause rust and corrosion. VCI packaging is an effective and convenient solution for preserving metal parts, machinery, and equipment, ensuring they remain corrosion-free and ready for use when needed.

Heavy Duty Kraft VCI Anti-Rust Paper Roll 1000mm x 200m 100gsm
A heavy duty 100gsm VCI paper roll in 1000mm width for protecting ferrous metal parts from corrosion. VCI anti-corrosion paper can be used for interleaving between parts or wrapping around metal items to protect from rusting and corrosion.
£ 71.20 71.2 GBP
Vaportek VCI Anti-Rust Paper Roll 900mm x 200m 50gsm
A standard 50gsm anti rust paper roll in 900mm width with a VCI additive impregnated into the paper. VCI paper is a rust-inhibiting paper that can be used for protecting ferrous metal parts from corrosion in damp environments or during transit & storage.
£ 54.76 54.76 GBP