Cardboard Mailers & Rigid Capacity Envelopes

Cardboard mailers and rigid capacity envelopes are postal envelopes made from solid wall cardboard that gives a strong water resistant envelope suitable for many small online orders. They are a great alternative to jiffy bags as they are more rigid and give better corner protection as well as higher puncture resistance. Cardboard rigid envelopes are also super fast so are very popular with high volume eCommerce stores. The envelope style that is easy to open and slide items in without snagging will help you pack your e-commerce orders at high speed and increase packing bench throughput. Our range of cardboard rigid envelopes have a high recycled content and durable construction makes these one of the most protective, eco-friendly, and cost effective mailers in our range. All sizes come with a peel & seal closure strip and a tear strip for easy opening.

FAQs on Cardboard Mailers

What can Cardboard Mailers be Used For?

Cardboard mailers can be used for many different items, most small items up to 40mm thick that are a similar size to items like paperback books, DVDs, photo frames, cosmetics, and small electronic items, can be packed in these.

Do Cardboard Mailers give more Protection than a Bubble Mailer?

Cardboard mailers give more rigidity and higher corner protection than bubble mailers. This is because the cardboard is stiffer than bubble, which helps to prevent creasing, and allows the corners to absorb much more impact.

Are Cardboard Mailers More Eco Friendly than a Bubble Mailer?

Cardboard mailers are made only from cardboard which makes them easier to recycle than bubble mailers. The cardboard also uses a very high level of recycled material and is biodegradable too. These 3 aspects make them a more sustainable and eco friendly packaging option.
Tufpac 249mm x 352mm Large Letter Cardboard Envelopes (Box of 100)
A Maximum large letter envelope made from strong and stiff solid cardboard that can be used to send books and a range of online orders via Royal Mail as a Large Letter.
£ 36.53 £ 36.53 36.53 GBP Add to Cart
Tufpac 458mm x 328mm Capacity A3 Cardboard Envelope (Box of 75)
A3 sized solid board cardboard mailer envelope for mailing large books, A3 sized documents and posters.
£ 64.32 £ 64.32 64.32000000000001 GBP Add to Cart
Tufpac 278mm x 400mm Capacity Cardboard Envelope (Box of 100)
Oversize solid board cardboard envelope mailer for sending small online orders and larger books.
£ 51.17 £ 51.17 51.17 GBP Add to Cart
Tufpac 234mm x 334mm Capacity A4 Cardboard Envelope (Box of 100)
A strong and stiff solid board cardboard mailer envelope that can be used to send A4 books and a range of online orders.
£ 30.20 £ 30.20 30.2 GBP Add to Cart
Tufpac 194mm x 292mm Capacity Cardboard Envelope (Box of 100)
The perfect cardboard mailer envelope for sending online orders. These envelopes will quickly and easily pack any small or flat item with ease.
- Manufactured from premium 400gsm solid wall cardboard.
- Fully recyclable, biodegradable, and contains recycled material.
- Quick and easy peel & seal closure.
- Frustration free easy-tear opening.
- Can be used to send online orders via Royal Mail large letter size.
£ 27.89 £ 27.89 27.89 GBP Add to Cart
Tufpac 180mm x 235mm Capacity A5 Cardboard Envelope (Box of 100)
Solid board cardboard mailer envelope perfect for mailing books, DVD's, documents and many other small online orders.
£ 25.69 £ 25.69 25.69 GBP Add to Cart