Pallet Wrap

Pallet wrap is used to wrap pallets to protect them from water and dust and keep them stable while in transit or storage. Pallet wrap is manufactured from LLDPE which is a widely recyclable plastic and has a high stretch memory making it an ideal product to wrap pallets of all shapes and sizes. It is used in many different industries such as distribution, manufacturing, wholesale, engineering, and transport. Pallet wrap is an easy to use product and allows warehouse teams to wrap pallets, parcels, and cages fast and efficiently. It is manufactured in the UK as well as being imported from Europe and the rest of the world. Over the years, stretch wrap manufacturers have developed stronger and thinner films helping packing operations use less plastic and be more environmentally friendly. High strength multi-layer films and nano films have produced high performance pallet wrap which can be used in the same applications as standard films but at less than half the thickness. Our range covers many different pallet wrap grades and colours in both hand pallet wrap rolls and rolls for machine pallet wrapping use.