Packaging Tape & Glue

When it comes to sealing boxes our range of packaging tapes and glue has plenty to offer, we have over 50 tape and adhesive products in different sizes and grades. Whether you need a cheap brown packing tape for sealing a high volume of boxes, or a high performance premium grade tape for tough export requirements we’ve got it covered. Oh and we also have a range of specialist tapes that can be used for automotive, signage, and exhibition applications, and a self-adhesive paper tape that replaces plastic tape; you can use this just like normal tape and enjoy the environmental benefits of a eco-friendly tape..

Packaging Tape

Packaging tape is often a quality critical product, after all what is the point of packing tape that doesn’t stick properly? Here at Datec we have brought together a range of packaging tape from the world’s best manufacturers, ensuring we have a tape product that will fit your packaging application perfectly. We have even addressed efficiency issues with our time saving e-tape helping you boost your output by reducing roll changes and storage. Take a look at some of our other tape products:

- Vinyl Packaging Tape

- Polyprop Acrylic and Hot Melt Packaging Tape

- Custom Printed Tape

- Coloured Packaging Tape

- Machine Applied Packing Tape

- Masking Tape

- Paper Tape & Gummed Paper Tape

- Reinforced Glass Filament Tape & Crossweave Tape

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Packing Tape

Packing tape is used for general sealing applications during packing. For example taping a cardboard box closed or securing bubble wrap around a product. You'll find a wide range of different strengths for different applications.

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Paper Tape

Paper tape is the eco friendly alternative to plastic packing tape and comes in different grades for different packing situations. Using paper tape means the tape can be recycled along with the cardboard box, a massive thumbs up to paper tape!

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Extra Strong & Export Tape

For those demanding export and bundling applications we offer a range of extra strong tape and export tape. In this range are very strong and sticky tapes like duct tape, crossweave tape, and HD vinyl tape.

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Other Tape

We also have a range of technical tape and tape for special applications. In this category you'll find masking tape, double sided tape, and lane marking tape.

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Tape Dispensers & Taping Machines

Tape dispensers and taping machines make it so much easier to apply packing tape. Find out all the different packing tape dispensers, double sided tape dispensers, automatic taping machines, and more that we offer.

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Packaging Adhesives

Packaging adhesives like hot melt glue are used for sealing boxes and assembling POS stands amongst many other applications. We have a range of different glue types in different configurations to help you glue cardboard better.

Eco-Friendly White Paper Packing Tape 50mm x 50m
An eco friendly white paper packing tape, made from biodegradable paper with a premium matt textured finish. White paper tape is the eco conscious choice for making your ecommerce boxes really stand out & look great.
£ 2.58 £ 2.58 2.58 GBP Add to Cart
Manual Water Activated Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser
High performance manual tape dispenser for water activated gummed tape up to 70mm wide. A low cost paper tape machine for quick and easy dispensing of tape, including a handy cut to length at the press of a button.
£ 311.70 £ 311.70 311.7 GBP Add to Cart
Tegrabond® High Capacity Electronic Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser
A high speed reliable gummed paper tape dispenser that makes using water activated gummed paper tape fast and easy. WAT paper tape machines produce specific length tape strips on-demand ready to be applied to the case.
£ 1,936.82 £ 1,936.82 1936.82 GBP Add to Cart
Custom Printed Paper Tape 48mm x 50m
Brown or white recyclable paper tape with a premium matt finish, custom printed with your logos and messages.
£ 0.00 0.0 GBP Add to Cart
Fragile Printed White LN Polyprop Tape 48mm x 66m
A white low noise fragile tape printed with the word FRAGILE in red lettering. Fragile packing tape is great for warning couriers that the contents is fragile and should be handled with care.
£ 1.98 £ 1.98 1.98 GBP Add to Cart
Premium Tape Dispenser for 50mm x 76mm Core
Heavy duty pistol grip tape dispenser which will take most standard 66m tape rolls with a 76mm inner core dimension. A rugged premium hand tape gun with heavy-duty metal construction which makes dispensing all our standard core tape quick and easy.
£ 7.50 £ 7.50 7.5 GBP Add to Cart
White Polycloth Tape 50mm x 50m
White waterproof poly cloth tape made from a fibre reinforced backing with a strong high tack adhesive. Also known as white duck tape or white duct tape and used for demanding taping requirements.
£ 3.72 £ 3.72 3.72 GBP Add to Cart
Grey Polycloth Tape 50mm x 50m
A grey cloth gaffer tape made from a polycloth material with an aggressive tack adhesive. Grey duct tape is also known as grey duck tape and is often used in long term applications. The cloth fibres provide extra reinforcing making it strong but still tearable.
£ 3.72 £ 3.72 3.72 GBP Add to Cart
Black Polycloth Tape 50mm x 50m
A black gaffer tape that can be used as a heavy duty duct tape. Made from a black polycloth tape material with a extra sticky adhesive for long lasting hold. Black cloth tape like this can also be used as very strong sellotape for heavy boxes and export applications.
£ 3.72 £ 3.72 3.72 GBP Add to Cart
This Way Up Printed White Polyprop Tape ACR 48mm x 66m
A white PP acrylic this way up tape printed with the words THIS WAY UP in red letters on a white background. This way up packing tape can be used for parcels and pallets to ensure they are kept upright in transit.
£ 1.48 £ 1.48 1.48 GBP Add to Cart
Security Printed White ACR Polyprop Tape 48mm x 66m
A white coloured acrylic pp packing tape printed with SECURITY in bold red letters on a white background. Security tape is used for warning couriers that the contents is sensitive and must be kept secure.
£ 1.48 £ 1.48 1.48 GBP Add to Cart
Low Melt Hot Melt Glue 12mm x 300mm
A general purpose hot melt glue that melts at a lower temperature for longer open time and for use with heat sensitive products. Hot melt glue sticks are 12mm in diameter and 300mm long so will fit most general purpose glue guns.
£ 11.25 £ 11.25 11.25 GBP Add to Cart
Fast Pack Hot Melt Glue 12mm x 300mm
A fast setting hot melt glue for high speed gluing applications for use with most glue guns. Fast set glue sticks are used for gluing cardboard boxes closed and other general packaging or mounting applications.
£ 11.25 £ 11.25 11.25 GBP Add to Cart
Brown 70mm x 200m GSI Gummed Paper Tape
Brown water activated gummed paper tape in a 70mm width. The kraft colour and finish makes this a firm favourite for those wanting an eco-conscious tape for sealing boxes.
£ 6.00 £ 6.00 6.0 GBP Add to Cart
White 48mm x 200m GSI Gummed Paper Tape 70gsm
A water activated gum tape in a premium white finish for taping white boxes. Gummed paper tape is both recyclable and biodegradable so a great eco-conscious choice.
£ 5.79 £ 5.79 5.79 GBP Add to Cart
Brown 48mm x 200m GSI Gummed Paper Tape
A brown gummed paper tape for general purpose use in manual or automatic water activated dispensers.
- 48mm wide suitable for most carton sealing applications.
- Only 1 strip of tape needed for high performance bond.
- Tamper evident seal.
- This is a gum adhesive that needs a water dispenser to activate the adhesive, for self adhesive tape please see below in the alternative product section.
£ 4.08 £ 4.08 4.08 GBP Add to Cart
Silent E-Tape Dispenser No.2 50mm
A low noise parcel tape dispenser with a noise reducing system included for quiet taping. A premium quality hand tape dispenser designed to fit tape with a 2" core such as our e-tape rolls. Hand tape dispensers make taping boxes much quicker and easier.
£ 9.95 £ 9.95 9.950000000000001 GBP Add to Cart
Standard E-Tape Dispenser No.1 50mm
A heavy duty tape dispenser gun designed to fit tape with a 2" core such as our e-tape rolls or Envirotape rolls. These hand held tape dispensers are sturdy and long lasting with extra safety features such as retractable safety blade.
£ 9.50 £ 9.50 9.5 GBP Add to Cart
Eco-Friendly Paper Machine Tape 48mm x 500m
A recyclable and eco-friendly self adhesive paper tape for machine use. This is an eco-conscious alternative to plastic tape that can be used in taping machines without any alterations.
£ 19.50 £ 19.50 19.5 GBP Add to Cart
Eco-Friendly Brown Paper Tape 50mm x 50m
A self adhesive brown paper tape designed as an eco-logical alternative to plastic tape for taping parcels & general packaging requirements. This tape can be recycled along with the cardboard for an easy to recycled solution.
£ 2.48 £ 2.48 2.48 GBP Add to Cart