Self Adhesive Paper Tape

Self adhesive paper tape is a recyclable parcel tape that is sticky like a normal parcel tape but made from a recyclable paper backing material rather than plastic. This paper tape can be used just like normal parcel tape in the same dispensers making it quick and easy to swap out plastic tape with a recyclable paper alternative. Self adhesive paper tape is made using a semi creped paper backing similar to a masking tape which gives a premium matt finish. This recyclable backing paper coupled with a high tack premium adhesive gives a paper tape you can use in almost any application where you would usually use plastic tape.

FAQs about Adhesive Paper Tape

Is Self Adhesive Paper Tape Recyclable?

Yes self adhesive paper tape is recyclable meaning that it can be recycled along with the cardboard box it is stuck to.

Should my Company Use Paper Tape?

Paper tape is used by many different companies in place of plastic tape. It will fit on standard tape dispensers and can be used as a direct replacement for plastic tape. If you are currently using plastic tape for taping boxes, you can be more eco friendly by swapping over to paper tape.
Eco-Friendly White Paper Packing Tape 50mm x 50m
An eco friendly white paper packing tape, made from biodegradable paper with a premium matt textured finish. White paper tape is the eco conscious choice for making your ecommerce boxes really stand out & look great.
£ 2.58 £ 2.58 2.58 GBP Add to Cart
Custom Printed Paper Tape 48mm x 50m
Brown or white recyclable paper tape with a premium matt finish, custom printed with your logos and messages.
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Eco-Friendly Paper Machine Tape 48mm x 500m
A recyclable and eco-friendly self adhesive paper tape for machine use. This is an eco-conscious alternative to plastic tape that can be used in taping machines without any alterations.
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Eco-Friendly Brown Paper Tape 50mm x 50m
A self adhesive brown paper tape designed as an eco-logical alternative to plastic tape for taping parcels & general packaging requirements. This recyclable paper tape can be recycled along with the cardboard for an easy to recycled solution.
£ 2.48 £ 2.48 2.48 GBP Add to Cart