Gummed Paper Tape

Gummed paper tape has been around for years but with the latest drive for eco friendly packaging paper tape has really come into its own.  Historically the water activation has been a bit of a problem but with recent introduction of automatic dispensers the many benefits have been realised across many different industries.  We also supply a range of manual and automatic gummed paper tape dispensers to make using paper tape even easier than using normal plastic tape.

Here's some of the main benefits:
  • Use Less Tape: The water activation of the gum adhesive gives a super strong hold which doesn't let go!  This aggressive grab means only 1 strip of tape is more than adequate for most box sealing requirements.
  • Tamper Evidence: Because of the total bond achieved, paper tape gives a clear visible proof if a packaging seal has been tampered with, unlike plastic tape which can be peeled off without visible trace.
  • 100% Recyclable & Biodegradable: Gummed paper tape is manufactured from renewable paper which is both recyclable and biodegradable.
  • Temperature Tolerant: Even in extreme temperature variations gummed tape remains stable. In extreme heat, humidity, and cold it retains its strength whilst also remaining highly resistant to aging.
Brown 70mm x 200m GSI Gummed Paper Tape
Brown water activated gummed paper tape in a 70mm width. The kraft colour and finish makes this a firm favourite for those wanting an eco-conscious tape for sealing boxes.
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White 48mm x 200m GSI Gummed Paper Tape 70gsm
A water activated gum tape in a premium white finish for taping white boxes. Gummed paper tape is both recyclable and biodegradable so a great eco-conscious choice.
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Brown 48mm x 200m GSI Gummed Paper Tape
A brown gummed paper tape for general purpose use in manual or automatic water activated dispensers.
- 48mm wide suitable for most carton sealing applications.
- Only 1 strip of tape needed for high performance bond.
- Tamper evident seal.
- This is a gum adhesive that needs a water dispenser to activate the adhesive, for self adhesive tape please see below in the alternative product section.
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