E-tape - 150m Roll Packing Tape

E-tape, the best choice for high volume users that are looking to increase packing speed and efficiency in the warehouse, as well as reduce their environmental impact. E-tape is a longer length roll with a small core saving downtime on roll changes as well as getting over twice as much tape in the same size box.

It is an established brand that has been developed to reduce time and costs for high volume packing operations where every repetitive task needs to be streamlined as much as possible. The Secret is in the big roll and small core: 150m, that is over 2 1/3 times more than a standard roll of packaging tape.

E-tape is a packaging tape that is wound onto a smaller central core allowing over twice the amount of tape on each roll of tape. This helps to increase efficiency in the packing operation, and because you get more per roll and per box it reduces carbon footprint in the manufacturing and distribution process. All of its advantages combined make it one of best tape products for those wanting to reduce carbon footprint and increase efficiency, it’s one of the best packing tape choices for almost every packing operation that wants to get ahead.