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Masking Tape & Masking Paper

Masking tape and masking paper are essential tools in painting and home improvement projects. Masking tape, made of a thin, adhesive paper, is designed to protect surfaces by covering areas that shouldn't be painted. It ensures clean lines and sharp edges. Masking paper, on the other hand, offers broader coverage and is often used to shield larger areas from paint splatter. Together, they aid in achieving professional-grade paint finishes and precise detailing in various applications.

Premium Masking Tape Roll 48mm x 50m Natural Rubber Adhesive Maxtape 4220
A high quality masking tape with an easy peel natural rubber adhesive that gives sharp lines and easy, clean removal. Eco friendly natural rubber adhesive for an eco-conscious masking tape. Discounts available for 36 rolls & 180 roll orders.
36 Rolls/Box
£ 1.98 1.98 GBP