High Speed Voidfilling Solutions

Week Free Trial - Chevron Paper Voidfill Machine
A free trial of a Chevron voidfill paper machine to help you decide whether this is the right voidfill for you.
- A high speed voidfill machine for high volume fill requirements.
- Combines paper and air for a low cost lightweight voidfill.
- Very eco-friendly being both recyclable and biodegradable.
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Week Free Trial - Papillon Voidfill Paper Machine
A high speed and very cost-effective voidfilling solution that is designed for high volume packing operations giving more voidfilling per £ than other competing paper voidfill systems. However, Papillon is just at home in smaller online stores offering a beautiful looking voidfill for those wanting to give a fabulous unboxing experience to their customers. This system will dispense at 40m/min and has 3 different dispensing programs to suit a variety of packing applications.
One of the most time saving options this voidfill system offers is the ability to automatically produce set length pads, repeating the process every time a pad is removed from the machine.

This machine is offered on a weeks trial, we will deliver the machine to you and help you set it up by video call. Once it is all set up and running we'll leave you to try it out for a week, if you like it, keep it, otherwise just return it in its original packaging.

Free trials are limited to 1 per Customer, the paper for this machine can be found below in the accessories section.
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