A range of shredded paper for packaging a wide range of online orders, hampers, gifts, and even industrial items. Shredded paper is a very popular packaging material because it looks attractive and has good void filling properties. It is made from shredding paper which is then compressed into bales to make it easy to store and transport. Shredded paper for packaging is available in several different types and also in a range of colours. Our range of shredded paper for packaging is also FSC certified shredded paper so you can pack your parcels in the knowledge that your shredded paper has been sustainably sourced.

Coloured Shredded Paper for Packaging

Using coloured shredded paper for packaging is a great way to give your customers a memorable unboxing experience. Shredded paper is a very good looking packing material and this coupled with a colour that matches your brand gives your online orders an extra wow factor. We have a range of different shredded paper colours, the most popular colours are white shredded paper, red shredded paper, and black shredded paper.
Coloured Crinkle Cut Shredded Paper 4mm Zig Zag Cut (10kg Bales)
An 4mm zigzag crinkle shredded paper in a range of colours compressed into 10kg bales. The thicker crinkle cut shredded paper is a stronger void filling shredded paper that is better for packing heavier items.
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Coloured Shredded Paper 2mm Straight Cut (15kg Bales)
An 2mm straight cut shredded paper in a range of colours compressed into 15kg bales. Ideal for packing hampers, gifts and online orders.
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Recycled Bulk Shredded Paper for Packaging (30kg/bale)
An economy grade recycled bulk shredded paper in a 12mm shred width for high volume filling. Ideal for eco friendly packing and packaging industrial products.
One bulk shredded paper bale will fill approx 1.8 cubic meters or 63 cubic feet.
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