Eye Catching Wrapping & Voidfill

Coloured voidfill and wrapping materials give an eye-catching unboxing experience for your online orders. The delivery is often the first tangible experience that your customer has with your online store so the need to make a great first impression is paramount. By using coloured voidfill and wrapping you can make your deliveries stand out from your competitors and help your customers remember you for next time they need to place an order.

Geami WrapPak Coloured Wrap

Geami WrapPak is a coloured paper wrapping material that is both eye catching and fast to wrap with. Geami wrapping paper can be used with a wide range of different coloured tissue papers to give one of the most colourful and protective wrapping products on the market. Geami can be used as a biodegradable alternative to bubble wrap and other plastic wrapping products and is easily recyclable after use.

Papillon Coloured Voidfill

Papillon coloured voidfill can be used in conjunction with coloured wrap to add more WOW factor to your unboxing experience. Coloured voidfill can be used to fill the voids in your parcels and stop your items from moving around during transit. papillon voidfill is fast and cost-effective so popular in high volume ecommerce operations and smaller online stores alike. It's small footprint allows it to be easily added to even the smallest packing benches and it's auto feed programs means there is always voidfill ready and waiting for you to use.