Record Mailers

LP Record Mailers are a type of packaging specially developed for Vinyl LP Records which protect your Vinyl records against the most common damage they will encounter during their journey through the postal system. Mailing LP Records has its challenges due to the flexibility of the product itself so it is important that your packaging retains its rigidity throughout the journey to your customer.
But don't panic, here at Datec we know how to care for your LP Records and we hold a big range of super strong Vinyl LP Record Mailers. These LP Record Mailer designs are used by some of the largest music shops in the UK so you can be assured that your records will reach your customer in great condition. High performance cardboard ensures the corners of your records are protected and they are kept rigid and flat all the way from your door to your customer.

Vinyl Record Packaging

Is this your first time buying Vinyl Record Packaging? If so here are a few pointers and things to look out for, we've also included a few packaging tips to encourage your customers to share your brand.
Flat and Rigid: Your LP Records need to be kept as flat and rigid as possible on their way to your customer so choose a packaging design that you struggle to bend easily.
Protect the Corners: The outer sleeves are a valuable part of the LP Record so make sure those corners are well protected, our Twistwrap Record Mailers are great for this because they have a corner crumple zone.
**Special Tip**: Write a thank you note to your customer to make them feel special and encourage them to share their new purchase on social media.
Extra Padding: For an extra few pence it's wise to add a bit of padding just in case something heavy is dropped on your parcel during transit, take a look at our Bubble Bags which are fast and easy to pack.
**Special Tip**: Ask your customer for a referral, give them a discount off their next order if they suggest one of their friends who likes LP Records as well. Remember "birds of a feather flock together" so if your customer likes vinyl then you can bet their friends do too!

Coloured 470mm x 350mm Corrugated Bag (50/bx)
A coloured corrugated bag perfect for sending LP Vinyl Records and other flat items in style.
- Various colours for an eye catching delivery.
- Corrugated paper lining gives a stiffer mailing bag.
- More effective corner protection than a bubble lined mailing bag.
- Fast to pack with easy peel & seal closure.
- Biodegradable and recyclable.
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Board Backed LP Record Envelope 394mm x 318mm White (125/bx)
Rigid board backed envelope for cost effective posting of Vinyl LP Records and other flat items.
- Rigid 600gsm board back keeps records flat during shipping.
- Low cost method of sending 1-2 vinyl records at a time.
- Premium clean white finish for better presentation.
- Biodegradable and recyclable.
- Can be personalised with your logo and brand colours.
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Tuftwist® TP15 350 x 350 x 0-40mm Peel & Seal Vinyl Record Mailers (Pack of 25)
A very protective postal wrap for LP records, big and strong enough to send multiple vinyl records at a time.
- Strong and rigid corrugated cardboard keeps your vinyl records flat.
- Built in crumple zones to absorb any corner impact during shipping.
- Peel & Seal closure helping you pack fast, and keeping your parcels looking good and free from plastic tape.
- Fully recyclable, biodegradable, and manufactured from recycled material.
- Personalisable with logos and patterns, please speak to our sales team.
- SAMPLES - Need to order a sample? Click add to cart then visit your shopping cart to find out how.

**Order over £750 and get these Vinyl mailers for less than £24.19 per pack.**
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Board Envelope LP Vinyl Record Mailer 406mm x 318mm White (100/bx)
A solid board envelope in white with a peel & seal closure and tear open strip.
- Just the right size for mailing vinyl lp records.
- Stiff solid wall cardboard with premium coated white finish.
- High security peel & seal strip for sealing.
- Quick and easy tear open strip.
- Recyclable and manufactured from up to 80% recycled material.
- Personalise with your brand logo, see below for details.

**Order over £750 and get these for £24.63 per box**
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