Bubble Air Packs

Our bubble air packs are a great alternative to shipping in cardboard boxes.  Because of their super protection levels even delicate items can be shipped in just a mailing bag!  Air pack bags are super fast, simple to pack with, and space saving, giving you substantial savings in 3 different areas as well as high performance protection.
Surrounded in a cushion of air your products will travel safely and securely to your customer without fear of damage.  Bubl bags can be used for multiple items and rather than packing in an outer box, they can be easily shipped in a mailing bag.  Much more cost effective than using a box and voidfill.As a distributor of all of the Bubl packaging air packs, we can offer great pricing and large stocks ready for immediate despatch through out the UK.
Bubl Bag Air Packs
Our bubble air pack bags are a highly protective alternative to boxes and voidfill.
- Just pack your items in a Bubl bag, inflate, and pop in a courier bag or plastic mailer.
- No need to use boxes, Bubl bags are protective enough on their own.
- Low cost compared to boxes and voidfill.
- A lot faster than packing with boxes and voidfill.
- Recyclable
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BUBL Pod Air Chamber Packaging
Air chamber packaging for sending delicate and high value items by courier.
- High quality 150mu film means you don't need an outer box - Ship in just a mailing bag.
- Super tough bubble packaging which almost completely eliminates transit damage.
- Quick, clean and simple packaging process.
- 100% Reusable and Recyclable.
- Up to 90% less warehouse storage space required.
- Lower carbon footprint – very lightweight.
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