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White Inside Incognito® Presentation Style E-Commerce Boxes

White Inside Incognito® Presentation Style E-Commerce Boxes

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Incognito® White Inside eCommerce Postal Boxes

*These samples are no longer available. Please visit our main website to learn more*

Our flagship Incognito® design e-commerce boxes with a bright and clean white inside. Give your online deliveries a WOW factor boost. The unboxing experience is everything in eCommerce. It is the first tangible touch point your customer has from your company and as a result your brand image can be made or broken in the first few minutes of receiving a parcel.

Our white inside Incognito® range of boxes have been specially developed for delivering online orders. The understated brown outside increases security by keeping a low key look then when the box is opened your customer is greeted with a professional white inside. The perfect box for modern brands that want to add that bit extra to their online deliveries at a cost effective pricing level.

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These boxes are plain white but if you want to add some colour take a look at our coloured tissue paper. Or create a really impressive unboxing experience with our custom tissue paper printed with your logo and message.

The 0427 presentation box style of these eCommerce boxes gives strong double folded sides. This means these boxes are crush resistant and durable for sending a wide variety of different items. You can use these boxes to send toys, clothes, ornaments, jewellery, and many other different products.