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High Speed Build Colompac® CP151 Cardboard Dispatch Boxes

High Speed Build Colompac® CP151 Cardboard Dispatch Boxes

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Colompac® CP151 Cardboard Dispatch Boxes

An innovative range of High Speed Build Dispatch Cardboard Boxes manufactured by Colompac® which reduce carton make-up times to just an amazing few seconds. That gives a time saving of almost 90% on some carton styles!!

This High Speed Build Colompac® range has been developed primarily for eCommerce stores, where bulk shipping is involved and the need for cutting time as much as possible is invaluable. These Colompac® cartons don’t just save money in wages. They increase throughput in your packing department allowing you to increase turnover without increasing overheads. If you are struggling for space and volume is rising steadily don’t waste time looking for extra space and employees. Just increase your throughput with our great, innovative High Speed Postal Boxes.

The Fast Alternative to Standard 0201 Boxes

Standard cartons with flaps top and bottom that need to be sealed with tape are time consuming and messy. That's why we offer a range of high speed build boxes that save time and money.

The online world is moving faster than ever before and packing departments are being left behind. The need for packing faster and smarter is overtaking operations managers quicker than they realise. Increasing throughput is vital in an eCommerce world where profit is dependent almost entirely on turnover volume. The more orders you can dispatch quicker the less overhead contribution each order has to make. Therefore an increase in volume has an economy of scale effect on the whole picture which translates into increased profits.