Personalised Packaging Tape

Personalised packaging tape is packaging tape with your company logo and message printed on it. It's a great method of branding your parcels because it is low cost and low minimum order quantity, helping you to brand your boxes even if you are just starting out. We can print your own custom tape from just 1 box in our paper tape range, that just 36 rolls to get you started with your very own personalised tape.

Custom Printed Tape

Custom printed tape is a great opportunity to get your brand name noticed while being much more affordable than getting your boxes custom printed with your logo. Printed tape looks really smart and makes a change from boring brown tape, show your customers you are a professional company by using a quality personalised packaging tape to display your logo and brand message.

Personalised Packing Tape

Our range of personalised packing tape is available in two different quality levels, both of which can be printed in up to 3 colours, here's a quick run-down on the differences between our two printed tape products and which one you should choose:

Vinyl Custom Printed Tape: Vinyl is a strong and durable packing tape with a long-lasting adhesive which will work for most if not all packaging applications. Because of the strong vinyl backing it can be used on heavy and awkward parcels and will give you the peace of mind that your boxes will arrive secure and safe.

Low Noise Polyprop Custom Printed Tape: A general purpose packing tape that is more cost effective and is great for lighter and smaller parcels. The polyprop backing coupled with a water-based acrylic adhesive makes this packing tape more environmentally friendly so you can rest assured you are doing your bit for the environment.

Recyclable Printed Paper Tape: An eco friendly printed paper tape that can be recycled along with the cardboard box. An excellent way to show your customers you care for their environment. Using a Hot Melt adhesive makes this paper tape a good all round general purpose packaging tape which can be used in place of plastic tape.

Printed Tape Tip

Add a message to your printed tape as well as your logo; say 'Thank you for your order' or put 'FRAGILE Handle with Care' in big letters to get more for your money. Adding messages like this also helps to interact with your customer and makes them feel special because it shows them that you care about their order.

Personalised Paper Tape

Personalised paper tape is our eco friendly tape option that can be printed with your logos and messages.  Our printed paper tape is manufactured from paper and can be recycled along with the cardboard box, much kinder to the environment than plastic tape. Paper tape is available in white and brown with a classy matt finish, many people choose paper tape just because it looks better than plastic tape.

How Ordering Branded Packing Tape Works

To order branded packing tape, place your order on the website as normal and we will contact you by email or phone to sort your artwork. If you already have a design then just send it across to us or we can create your printed tape design for you in our in-house studio, just send us your ideas and logos and we will do the rest.

Please note there is an extra £25.00 per colour one time origination cost for all new printed tape designs which will be charged when you have approved the artwork.

Please make sure you select the right price break and enter in the correct number of rolls that you want so we charge you the right amount.

Printed Parcel Tape Product Range

48mm x 66m High Performance Vinyl Tape Printed 1 Colour

48mm x 66m High Performance Vinyl Tape Printed 2 Colour

48mm x 66m High Performance Vinyl Tape Printed 3 Colour

48mm x 66m Low Noise Packing Tape Printed 1 Colour

48mm x 66m Low Noise Packing Tape Printed 2 Colour

48mm x 66m Low Noise Packing Tape Printed 3 Colour