Tufpac® Premium Book Wraps

A high quality premium book wrap brand manufactured here in the UK. The Tufpac® premium book wrap range is one of the highest quality book wrap products on the market, combining high quality corrugated cardboard with a robust design to make a book wrap product that can be used for a wide range of packaging scenarios.  Particularly popular with online stores for sending online orders because of its size adjustable design and smart look, it is also very eco-friendly being fully recyclable and biodegradable, and manufactured here in the UK for a lower carbon footprint.  Added to this, the Premium Tufpac® range is manufactured from high grade 150K kraft corrugated cardboard giving a premium water resistant finish that looks classy and smart.  The use of our SMART fluting also gives a stronger more rigid book wrap allowing these wraps to carry higher weight products safely and securely.

Two-tone Print Design - The attractive black internal flaps give a signature black/brown two-tone look when made up giving a much more premium looking finished parcel.

Printed Messages - Printed messages to add value to the sender letting them know the eco friendly benefits of the packaging and sending this message on to their customers.

Reinforcing Side Strips - Double folded edges make our Tufpac® Book Wraps far stronger than traditional styles. As well as adding rigidity they also add security by reducing the risk of the internal flaps bulging out.

Tear Tape Opening Strip - Convenient, easy to use tear tape opening strip.  Much stronger than a perforated tear yet still easily tearable for your customer.

Strong Cardboard - High performance outer kraft paper coupled with our SMART fluting profile gives a much stronger and more rigid book wrap than standard flute profiles and papers.

Liquid Peel & Seal - Our Tufpac® Book Wraps have a Liquid applied glue strip which is much stronger than a normal double sided tape strip.

Lateral Fluting - Fluting that runs across the wrap is much easier to fold accurately and results in a tighter wrapped and more secure package.

Tufpac® 460mm x 323mm x 0-70mm Brown Book Wrap Mailers (Pack of 20)
Premium C3 size Book Wrap for A3 items up to 70mm thick.
- Black internal flaps for two-tone black/brown colour scheme for a premium look to your deliveries.
- Premium grade corrugated cardboard for a stronger book wrap.
- Reinforced side strips for stronger construction.
- Biodegradable, recyclable and manufactured in the UK from over 65% recycled materials.
- Packed in 20's
- Custom Printable in quantities from 2'500.
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Tufpac® 302mm x 215mm x 0-80mm Brown Book Wrap Mailers (Pack of 20)
Premium A4 book wrap for packing books, photo frames, prints, catalogues, & general retail items.
- Internal black printed flaps for a premium two-tone look.
- UK manufactured for reliable supply and low carbon footprint.
- High quality 150k SMART fluting material with double edges for extra rigidity.
- Biodegradable and recyclable.
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