Why Book Wrap Mailers make the Perfect Packaging for your eCommerce Orders

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Why Book Wrap Mailers make the Perfect Packaging for your eCommerce Orders
Glenn Izard


Book wrap mailers are pretty simple stuff to be fair, they aren't much to look at, and anyway who gets enthused with a rectangle of cardboard? That is until you realise that these little guys are a great solution to so many eCommerce packaging problems.

Let's face it, most of us have been a bit caught out by the speed that eCommerce has taken over the retail market. Many operations managers have had to sit down and re-evaluate their approach to packing and sending orders. Here are a few of those questions that they've had to ask themselves, and a quick look at how book wraps fit so well as a solution to many of them.

Why Ultra-Fast Packaging Matters & How Book Wrap Mailers Help

Many operations managers have come to the realisation that high volume small orders are the order of the day with internet orders. But what many are struggling with is the true cost of packing those orders.

Time is a very important aspect in the packing and dispatching of small orders, it is well know that a figure of at least £15.00 per hour is the true cost of employment. Adding to this the exponential growth in return on investment by increasing throughput (and therefore turnover) without any extra capital expenditure, means the final saving per minute of every 60 seconds is quite considerable.

Book wrap mailers take as little as an amazing 20 seconds to pack, comparing this to a standard carton, which you have to tape the bottom to make it up and again tape the top after filling, makes a book wrap style mailer up to 2-3 minutes faster.

What Makes Book Wrap Mailers so Fast for eCommerce Packaging

There are several points about a book wrap that makes it so fast to pack with, here we explore a few of the best reasons that book wraps are so popular with internet shops packing their online orders.

A Flowing Wrap Cycle: The wrap cycle of a book wrap mailer is a lot simpler than with a carton. Opening the internal flaps can be done in one movement with both hands and opened ready for the item being packed to be placed inside. From there the wrap is simply 'rolled' over until the final peel & seal tab is reached ready for the backing to be removed and the pack sealed.

Multi-depth so No Need for Voidfill: The design of a book wrap mailer is super flexible and multi-depth adjustable so all your products are hugged tightly by cardboard leaving no gaps and voids that need to be filled to prevent product migration during transit.

Great Protection so No Need for Extra Padding: Book wrap mailers have a built in crumple zone helping to provide a buffer between your products and the knocks and bashes that the parcel receives on its journey. This buffer means that you don't need to pre-wrap your products in protective packaging like bubble wrap, saving a lot of time.

Different Types of Book Wrap Mailers

There are many different types of book wrap mailers that each do a different job and pack different products better. Some offer higher protection while some are faster to pack and offer more value for money. Here's a few of the most popular ones and a short explanation on what situations it is best to use them.

Twist Style Book Wrap Mailers

Twistwrap Twist Style Book Wrap Mailers

Twistwrap twist style mailers are great for larger depth mailings because you can secure the internal flaps together. This gives a lot higher security than a standard packaging wrap style. The twist design also turns one set of fluting through 90 degrees giving the added strength and rigidity through cross dimensional fluting. Twistwrap style mailers like the Tuftwist® mailers are a great product for sending out books, toys, games, and a whole range of other online orders.


Amazon Style Book Wrap Mailers

Amazon Style Wrap Around Book Wrap Mailers

These well designed amazon style book wrap mailers are used not only by the giant amazon but many other high volume e-commerce stores for packing and sending online orders at high speed. Amazon style wraps use less packaging than conventional packaging methods so are a great environmentally friendly solution. Use these cardboard mailers as a universal internet order mailer.


Book Wrap Mailers with Reinforced Edges

Reinforced Wrap Around Style Book Wrap Mailers

Similar to the Amazon style mailer these wrap around style book wrap mailers have reinforced edges to create a much stronger book wrap. Reinforcing the edges gives a sturdier crumple zone and also makes the book wrap mailer more crush resistant. These reinforced wrap around book wrap mailers are the perfect choice for heavier items.


Centre Loading Book Wrap Mailers

Centre Loading Style Book Wrap Mailers

Centre loading style book wrap mailers are the ultimate for speed and protection. Double layer faces makes these book wraps extra strong and puncture resistant and the centre loading technique is even faster to pack than the amazon book wrap style. This design uses a bit more cardboard so is generally a little more expensive but if performance is what you are looking for then these book wrap mailers are your perfect solution.


So that's it, a quick summary of book wrap mailers and what makes them a great eCommerce order packaging option.

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