Stretch Wrapping Pallets: Short Course

In an era where efficient supply chains and seamless logistics are paramount, mastering the art of stretch wrapping pallets is more crucial than ever. Welcome to our short online training course that gets you and your pallet wrapping team up to speed on best practices in stretch wrapping.

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Responsible Glenn Izard
Last Update 30/08/2023
Completion Time 1 hour 38 minutes
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Industrial FREE Training
  • Introduction to Pallet Wrapping
  • Choosing the Correct Film
    • Types of Stretch Film
    • Choosing the Right Wrapping Film
    • Alternatives to Pallet Wrapping
  • Pallet Wrapping Techniques
    • Safety Precautions when Pallet Wrapping
    • Understanding Pallet Wrapping Tools
    • Evaluating Wrapping Quality
    • Minimising Environmental Impact
  • Additional Material
    • Course Disclaimer