Best Practices for Stretch Wrapping Pallets

Best Practices for Stretch Wrapping Pallets

In an era where efficient supply chains and seamless logistics are paramount, mastering the art of stretch wrapping pallets is more crucial than ever. Welcome to a comprehensive online training course that delves into the intricacies of achieving optimal load containment, safe transportation, and cost-effective packaging through best practices in stretch wrapping.

On completion of this course you will be able to:

 - Know how to cost effectively wrap a pallet without excessive use of resources.
 - Understand the benefits of correct pallet wrapping & identify areas for improvement.
 - Know how to stack and wrap irregular goods onto pallets securely and safely.
 - Understand how to reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries.
 - Identify and eliminate potential for common causes of injuries while wrapping pallets.
 - Understand pallet wrapping tools and how to use them effectively without risking injury.

This course is part of our Industrial Market Sector Training Course. It is a monthly subscription and gives you access to all of our industrial warehousing training courses.

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£ 119.88
Responsible Glenn Izard
Last Update 30/08/2023
Completion Time 6 hours 27 minutes
Members 3
  • Introduction to Manual Pallet Wrapping
    3Lessons ·
  • Understanding Stretch Film
    4Lessons ·
    • Types of Stretch Film
    • Understanding Stretch Film & its Strengths
    • How Stretch Film Works
    • Alternatives to Stretch Film
  • Preparation for Pallet Wrapping
    4Lessons ·
    • Effectively Implementing Safety Precautions
      10 xp
    • Pallet Inspection and Repair
    • Different Pallet Types and Uses
    • Organising Your Wrapping Area
  • Choosing the Right Equipment
    2Lessons ·
    • Selecting the Right Stretch Film Dispenser
    • Optimal Pallet Wrapping Tools
  • Wrapping Techniques
    4Lessons ·
    • Bottom Layer Wrapping
    • Middle Layer Wrapping
    • Top Layer Wrapping
    • Techniques to Minimize Film Waste
  • Tension and Stretching for Cost Effective Wrapping
    2Lessons ·
    • Understanding Film Tension
    • Achieving the Right Stretch Ratio
  • Creating Stable Pallet Loads
    3Lessons ·
    • Pallet Load Securing Principles
    • Techniques for Stabilizing Irregular Loads
    • Hands On Exercises for Practicing Load Stability
  • Special Wrapping Considerations
    3Lessons ·
    • Fragile and High-Value Items
    • Odd-Shaped Loads
    • Tall and Unstable Loads
  • Troubleshooting and Problem Solving
    2Lessons ·
    • Common Wrapping Issues
    • Identifying and Resolving Film Issues
  • Safety and Ergonomics in Pallet Wrapping
    3Lessons ·
    • Proper Body Mechanics
    • Safe Handling of Equipment and Film
    • Preventing Pallet Wrapping Injuries
  • Quality Control and Efficiency
    3Lessons ·
    • Evaluating Wrapping Quality
    • Implementing Cost Saving Strategies
    • Boosting Efficiency in Bulk Pallet Wrapping
  • Pallet Wrapping Sustainability
    3Lessons ·
    • Minimizing Environmental Impact
    • Reducing Film Usage
    • Continuous Improvement Strategies
  • Wrapping Up the Course
    2Lessons ·