Heavy Duty Tape & Polycloth Tape

Heavy duty tape and export packing tape is a very strong tear resistant packaging tape that performs well in humid environments and temperature extremes. Our export heavy duty tape is durable and reliable, perfect for giving you peace of mind when taping parcels for export. There are three main types of heavy duty tape; polycloth tape (sometimes known as gaffa tape), crossweave tape, and strapping tape. Polycloth tape is a heavy duty reinforced tape that is very strong and has very good adhesive properties allowing it to stick to many different surfaces for long term use. Strapping tape is a thick PP or woven tape that has very high linear tensile strength and can be used for strapping items together or bundling lengths of product such as metal rods or extrusions.

Heavy Duty Tape for Export

Crossweave export tape is a heavy duty tape for export and has an incredibly sticky adhesive that is manufactured from solvent based adhesive meaning that it will stay stuck even when damp and humid. This along with it's woven high tensile strands encased in strong plastic makes it the ultimate export packing tape for almost every export application. Crossweave tape is extremely strong both directions and is almost impossible to tear by hand. We also stock other export tape like polycloth and heavy duty vinyl tape that gives high performance at a very good price. Browse our range and find the best export tape for you.
Black Polycloth Tape 50mm x 50m
A black gaffer tape that can be used as a heavy duty duct tape. Made from a black polycloth tape material with a extra sticky adhesive for long lasting hold. Black cloth tape like this can also be used as very strong sellotape for heavy boxes and export applications.
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Grey Polycloth Tape 50mm x 50m
A grey cloth gaffer tape made from a polycloth material with an aggressive tack adhesive. Grey duct tape is also known as grey duck tape and is often used in long term applications. The cloth fibres provide extra reinforcing making it strong but still tearable.
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Reinforced Crossweave Tape 50mm x 50m
Heavy duty export tape for demanding packaging applications as a heavy duty packing tape. Also know as clear gaffer tape this glass fibre reinforced tape is both waterproof and super strong with a high tack adhesive.
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VPRO Premium Brown 48mm x 66m Vinyl Packaging Tape
Brown vinyl tape with a buff coloured vinyl backing material and a high tack solvent adhesive. Vinyl tape is also tearable and is popular for packaging applications where a heavy duty brown tape is needed.
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White Polycloth Tape 50mm x 50m
White waterproof poly cloth tape made from a fibre reinforced backing with a strong high tack adhesive. Also known as white duck tape or white duct tape and used for demanding taping requirements.
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