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Pallet boxes are a combination of a box and pallet fixed together that can be used to send bulk product or large items. There are three main designs of pallet box, the most common being the tray, cap & sleeve pallet box. Other designs are the standard box & pallet configuration, and the 0200 & cap style, and all are usually manufacture from very strong corrugated cardboard.
Our range of pallet boxes covers popular sizes for shipping throughout the UK and exporting across the globe. Also useful as storage containers and bulk picking bins, and a range of other applications. Most carton configurations come flat packed for easy storage and handling.

Pallet Boxes for Export

Our range of pallet boxes for export are heavy duty pallet boxes that are recommended for use by exporting companies. Exporting your goods in export pallet boxes helps to keep the contents protected and secure. They are more tamperproof than just stretch wrapping pallets and makes it more difficult for items to be stolen while in transit. We can also design bespoke export cases for specific shipping situations that need extra support and higher grades of cardboard. We can supply triple wall pallet boxes and other tough cardboard options under our RinoHide range of high strength corrugated board.
Half Euro Pallet Box 800mm x 600m x 600mm Tray, Cap & Sleeve with Pallet
Half europa pallet box fixed to a 4-way entry pallet.
- Tray, Cap & Sleeve box configuration.
- Suitable for medium duty export applications.
- Sturdy recycled half euro pallet.
- Tough double wall cardboard construction.
- Up to 65% recycled cardboard content.
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Euro Pallet Box 1170mm x 770mm x 650mm Tray, Cap & Sleeve with Pallet
Full europa pallet box in a tray, cap & sleeve configuration fixed to a euro pallet.
- Easily pack and ship products securely.
- Suitable for medium duty export applications.
- Eco-friendly recycled euro pallet.
- Up to 65% recycled cardboard content.
- Biodegradable & recyclable
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