Small Bubblewrap 1500mm x 100m PPTax Exempt 30%+ Recycled

1500mm bubble wrap roll with small bubbles for wrapping and packing items up to 1.5m wide. Bubble packing rolls are used for cushioning a wide range of items when packing for transit, and it is recyclable as well as containing recycled plastic.

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Product Type: Small Bubble Wrap

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Airsafe™ Small Bubble Wrap

Airsafe™ small bubble wrap is a great product for wrapping your products with a protective layer of cushioning material, use our bubble wrap for protecting your products from bumps, bashes, and scrapes.

Our small bubble wrap is a premium wrapping product that has a taller, fuller 10mm diameter bubble which means you get a lot more for your money as you don’t have to use as much bubble wrap for the same protection levels. We stock bubble wrap in a range of different widths so take a look at our range of bubble wrap roll sizes below:

Product Range:

Small Bubble Wrap 1500mm x 100m

Small Bubble Wrap 1200mm x 100m

Small Bubble Wrap 900mm x 100m

Small Bubble Wrap 750mm x 100m

Small Bubble Wrap 600mm x 100m

Small Bubble Wrap 500mm x 100m

Small Bubble Wrap 400mm x 100m

Small Bubble Wrap 300mm x 100m