Megatop 900/1800mm x 1600mm Pallet Top Sheet  MD (Roll of 250)

A good quality pallet top sheet in an MDPE material with 30%+ recycled plastic content for a high strength, low cost, and eco friendly pallet topper.

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Megatop Pallet Top Sheets: Ensuring Optimal Protection and Stability for Your Cargo

Polythene pallet top sheets for covering and protecting the tops of pallets. A sheet of polythene used to create a water-tight cover over your products to protect against water damage. Our pallet toppers are made from medium density PE with 30%+ recycled plastic content for a high strength, low cost, and eco friendly method of keeping your pallets dry while on transit. They come perforated and centre folded on a roll to make storing and dispensing quick and easy.

Megatop Pallet Top Sheets are a cutting-edge packaging solution designed to provide unmatched protection and stability for goods placed on pallets during storage, transportation, and distribution. These high-performance top sheets serve as a reliable barrier against external elements, safeguarding your valuable cargo and ensuring it reaches its destination in impeccable condition.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Premium Quality Materials: Megatop Pallet Top Sheets are manufactured using top-quality materials, ensuring strength, durability, and tear resistance. The sheets act as a shield against dust, dirt, moisture, and other environmental factors, effectively preserving the integrity of the products beneath.

  2. Customized Sizing: Our Megatop Pallet Top Sheets are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different pallet dimensions. Whether you're working with standard pallet sizes or require custom dimensions, these top sheets are designed to fit snugly over the cargo, providing optimal coverage and protection.

  3. Secure Load Stability: Ensuring stability during transit is crucial to prevent damage and accidents. Megatop Pallet Top Sheets create a secure and uniform layer over the pallet, minimizing load shifting and effectively reducing the risk of product damage during handling and transportation.

  4. Versatility: These top sheets are suitable for various industries and applications, including manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, and retail. From fragile electronics to heavy machinery, Megatop Pallet Top Sheets offer reliable protection for a wide range of products.

  5. Easy Application: Applying Megatop Pallet Top Sheets is a straightforward process. The sheets can be manually placed over the pallet load or used with automated pallet wrapping equipment for increased efficiency.

  6. Cost-Effective Solution: By providing an extra layer of protection, Megatop Pallet Top Sheets help reduce the risk of product damage and potential losses during transit. This cost-effective solution minimizes the need for costly product replacements and enhances customer satisfaction.

  7. Brand Visibility: These top sheets can be customized with branding elements, product information, or handling instructions, creating an opportunity to promote your brand during transportation and display. This branding visibility helps reinforce your company's image and enhances customer recognition.


  • Freight Forwarding and Transportation: Megatop Pallet Top Sheets are an indispensable tool for freight forwarding companies, ensuring the safe transportation of goods over long distances.

  • Warehousing and Storage: Use these top sheets to protect palletized products during storage, preventing damage from dust and environmental exposure.

  • Retail and Distribution: Megatop Pallet Top Sheets are ideal for retail distribution centers, ensuring that products arrive in pristine condition and are ready for display on store shelves.

Embrace the enhanced protection and stability offered by Megatop Pallet Top Sheets, and elevate your packaging and logistics operations. Invest in this innovative solution to secure your cargo and deliver impeccable products to your customers, fostering trust and satisfaction in your brand.

How to use a pallet top sheet

For the best performance and a tighter water proof seal, make sure you wrap one layer of pallet stretch film around your pallet before adding the top sheet. This way the water shed by the pallet top sheet is drained within the pallet stretch film rather than inside the pallet itself. After adding the pallet topper wrap a second layer of stretch film around the pallet to fully secure. Wrapping from the bottom of the pallet up to the top also helps to shed water off the pallet rather than into the pallet.

Pallet Top Sheet Key Features

 - High strength MDPE material reduces plastic usage

 - Perforated on a roll for easy storage and dispensing

 - Contains 30%+ recycled plastic content

 - Fits most common sized pallets

Bulk Wholesale Pricing on Pallet Top Sheets

We wholesale pallet top sheets in bulk quantities, take a look at our bulk wholesale pricing for pallet quantities below.

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