Low Melt Hot Melt Glue 12mm x 300mm (1kg)


A general purpose hot melt glue that melts at a lower temperature for longer open time and for use with heat sensitive products. Hot melt glue sticks are 12mm in diameter and 300mm long so will fit most general purpose glue guns.

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Low Melt Hot Melt Glue 12mm x 300mm - High Performance Bonding Made Easy

Introducing our Low Melt Hot Melt Glue in a convenient 12mm diameter and 300mm length, the ultimate adhesive solution for your bonding needs. Specially formulated to provide exceptional performance, this low melt hot melt glue delivers a strong and reliable bond while offering the advantage of a lower application temperature.

Effortless Application with Low Melt Technology:

Our Low Melt Hot Melt Glue features innovative low melt technology, which means it has a lower melting point compared to traditional hot melt glues. This translates to easier application as it requires less heat to become molten and achieve the desired adhesive properties. The lower temperature also minimizes the risk of damage to heat-sensitive materials, making it ideal for bonding delicate fabrics, foam, and electronics.

Quick and Reliable Bonding:

Despite its low melting point, our Low Melt Hot Melt Glue delivers quick and reliable bonding. Within seconds, the glue sets to form a strong and durable bond, ensuring your projects stay securely intact. Whether you are working on DIY crafts, woodworking, or industrial assembly, this glue provides the rapid bond you need to increase productivity and efficiency.

Versatility and Wide Range of Applications:

With its 12mm diameter and 300mm length, this low melt hot melt glue stick is versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications. It adheres seamlessly to various materials, including paper, cardboard, wood, plastics, ceramics, and more. From general crafting to heavy-duty repairs, this glue stick proves its adaptability in different industries and projects.

Clean and Tidy Application:

Our Low Melt Hot Melt Glue ensures a clean and tidy application. As it becomes molten, the glue flows smoothly, allowing for precise and controlled bonding. The glue stick's solid form eliminates drips and spills, reducing mess and waste during application.

Quality and Durability:

Crafted with the highest standards, our Low Melt Hot Melt Glue is designed for durability and reliability. Its strong bonding capabilities ensure that your projects stand the test of time, even in challenging environments.

User-Friendly and Convenient:

Designed with user convenience in mind, this low melt hot melt glue stick fits seamlessly into standard 12mm glue guns. The 300mm length provides an ample supply of adhesive, reducing the need for frequent replacements during larger projects. Its compatibility with common glue guns makes it an indispensable tool for professionals and hobbyists alike.

Unlock the Power of Low Melt Hot Melt Glue:

In conclusion, our Low Melt Hot Melt Glue 12mm x 300mm offers high-performance bonding with the added benefit of a lower application temperature. Experience the ease of application, quick setting time, and reliable bonding capabilities that this innovative adhesive solution provides. Whether you are working on intricate crafts or heavy-duty projects, our Low Melt Hot Melt Glue ensures your creations are held together with strength and precision. Discover the versatility and convenience of low melt technology and elevate your bonding experience to new levels of efficiency and excellence.