Colompac® CP080 Cardboard Postal Boxes

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Colompac® CP080 Cardboard Postal Boxes

With the increase of eCommerce these high speed Colompac® CP080 Postal Boxes have become very popular. Increasing packing speed in an eCommerce world where volume is king has become critical. Needless to say many operations managers are getting left behind in old packaging methods where packaging price is preferred over packing speed. Now that is old hat.

In the eCommerce world packing bench throughput is vital. Peak seasons are testing the dexterity of many eCommerce operations. Slow packing causes a bottle neck which can greatly restrict a companies ability to scale their operations to cope with peak demand. As a solution many online stores are turning to high speed packing to eliminate the bottle neck.

These high speed build boxes create a fast packaging solution without the need of extra machinery. With these boxes your packing operation can be scaled up and down with no extra capital investment. Now you can approach peak seasons with a flexible approach, knowing that you can double the size of your packing operation without any extra capital expenditure on packing machinery.

The Fast Alternative to 0427 Postal Boxes

These postal boxes are based on an 0427 style box with glued corners to make them a lot faster to pop up and fold together. This style makes these boxes up to 40% faster to pack with. That's an incredible time saving. One that makes these boxes a great investment.