Types of Splicing Tape

Splicing tape, a versatile adhesive product, is used across industries to seamlessly join or bond materials. It comes in various types tailored for specific applications, such as single-sided tape for paper or double-sided tape for permanent bonds. This tape plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth production processes, reducing downtime, and maintaining product quality. Its choice depends on factors like material compatibility, application temperature, and the desired permanence of the adhesive bond, making it an essential tool for Production Managers and various industries alike.

Red Polyester Splicing Tape Roll 50mm x 66m Silicone Adhesive High Temp Critical Application
Discover our Red Polyester Splicing Tape, a high-temperature powerhouse. With its silicone adhesive, it thrives in critical applications, from intricate electronics to industrial tasks. Measuring 50mm x 66m, it ensures efficiency and reliability, reducing downtime. Elevate your precision and durability with this exceptional tape.
£ 14.76 14.76 GBP
Filament Splicing Tape Roll 48mm x 50m Crossweave Reinforced
Filament Splicing Tape 48mm x 50m Crossweave Reinforced is a robust and dependable adhesive tape. With its unique crossweave design, it offers exceptional strength and durability, making it perfect for a variety of tasks. Whether you're securing heavy packages or splicing materials, this tape excels. It's user-friendly with a 48mm width, ensuring easy application. Invest in this tape for cost-effective, reliable performance, and simplify your projects with confidence.
£ 6.24 6.24 GBP