Protective Film & Net Sleeving

Protective film and net sleeving products for guarding again scuffs and scratches during transit. Protective film comes in two different types, with an adhesive or without an adhesive. Protective film with a low tack adhesive is often used as a surface protection film such as a floor protection film for covering carpets and floors while they are in heavy use, for example while building work is being carried out. Protective film without an adhesive is used for wrapping products and is often a heat shrink material that shrinks down to wrap tightly around the item being packed. The benefit of protective shrink film is that it molds around the product tightly to give a neat professional looking pack. This type of protective film is very common in retail as a clear see through wipeable covering that looks great on a shelf.

Is protective film recyclable?

Protective film is difficult to recycle as it is often made from PVC or Polyolefin plastic which is not widely recycled in the UK. PVC is a recycling class 3 plastic which includes many food packaging trays and films. Low tack protective films are usually made from PET, PVC or LDPE plastics, although two of these are able to be recycled it is very difficult to tell them apart so many get discarded as waste anyway. The long and short of it is that protective film is not easily recyclable and often ends up in landfill.