Cardboard Corner Protectors

Cardboard corner protectors are primarily used for edge protection applications such as furniture protection, display protection, pallet stabilisation, and strapping protection. Cardboard corner protectors are a solid cardboard strip formed in a profile shape to fit around corners. The solid board construction makes these very strong and rigid, ideal for protecting against impact, pallet strapping idents, and for use as pallet corner posts. Our stock range of cardboard edging strips currently covers sizes in the 'L' profile range but the following profiles are also available to special order:
 - 'U' Profile channel: Useful for containing lengths of strip or tube product as well as protecting regular thickness items like table tops etc.
 - Notched Edging: This can be used for circular applications or for corners as the notched edging allows the corner to bend.
 - Moisture Resistant: A cardboard edging that is used in damp conditions such as freezer warehouses and temperature controlled distribution.
Card Edge Protector 50mm x 50mm x 1200mm
A 1200mm long pallet corner protection strip for use as edging protection. A strong corner edge protector that can be used as protective corners for many items including pallets, cabinets, and furniture. Protects from corner impact damage and strapping indents.
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Card Edge Protector 35mm x 35mm x 3mm 1000mm
Cardboard edge protection strips for protecting corners of pallets from impact damage and strapping indents. Corner cardboard is popular as pallet edge protectors, but also can be used as packaging corner protection for furniture and cabinets.
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