Bubble Wrap roll

The bubble wrap roll was first invented as a new innovative wallpaper back in 1957 but it took 3 years until its use for packaging was realised. Since then, bubble wrap rolls have become one of the most used types of protective packaging in the world. Bubble wrap is manufactured by sealing two sheets of thin plastic film together while trapping bubbles of air in between. Its flexibility makes it an excellent wrapping product as it can be easily folded and wrapped around even the most complicated shapes. Bubble wrap comes in many different sizes and forms, from rolls, to sheets, to bags, and can be laminated or specialised to perform particular functions. Some of the more regular special bubble wrap products are anti-static bubble wrap rolls for wrapping electronic items and static sensitive products, and flame retardant bubble wrap rolls for packing in areas that have a high fire risk. Other special bubble wrap products are degradable bubble wrap, bubble blankets, and specialist laminated bubble wrap rolls.