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Bubble Bags & Bubble Wrap Bags

Airsafe™ bubble wrap bags & bubble bags are protective bags made from our high quality Airsafe™ bubble wrap material, these bubble wrap bags are great for giving that extra layer of protection to your products. Our bubble bags have a peel and seal closing strip which makes them much easier and faster to use and gives a much more professional image than wrapping your products in bubble wrap.

Bubble Bag 100mm x 135mm + Lip, BB1 (Box of 750)
A small bubble bag for packing tiny items up to 100 x 135mm, making these our cheapest bubble bags. These small packaging bags made from bubble wrapping film are great for packing many small items in a larger box.
£ 47.45 47.45 GBP
Bubble Bag 130mm x 185mm + Lip, BB2 (Box of 500)
Bubble pouches for packing items up to 130 x 185mm. The air bubbles on the outside of the bags cushion and protect small delicate items from damage while posting through the postal system.
£ 42.50 42.5 GBP
Bubble Bag 180mm x 230mm + Lip, BB3 (Box of 300)
Airsafe branded bubble bags for packing A5 items up to 180 x 230mm. Bubble wrap pockets like these are great for packing a range of delicate items that need added padding and protection within an outer box or postal wrap.
£ 39.75 39.75 GBP
Bubble Bag 230mm x 285mm + Lip, BB4 (Box of 300)
Our range of bubble bag sizes includes this popular 9" x 11" size for packing items up to 230 x 285mm. Bubble wrap packaging bags are made from recyclable LDPE bubble wrap which also contains 30%+ recycled plastic making them very environmentally friendly.
£ 56.70 56.7 GBP
Bubble Bag 280mm x 360mm + Lip, BB5 (Box of 150)
Bubble packaging bags in a 11" x 14" size for packing items up to 280 x 360mm. Packaging bags made from bubble are a low cost alternative to bubble mailers and much faster than wrapping with bubble wrap.
£ 43.85 43.85 GBP
Bubble Bag 305mm x 435mm + Lip, BB6 (Box of 150)
Big bubble bags for items up to 305 x 435mm. Bubblebags are made from premium bubble wrap with a self seal strip on a closing lip for fast and efficient packing. Our bags made from bubble wrap are fully recyclable and contain 30% recycled plastic making them the eco-conscious choice.
£ 53.40 53.4 GBP
Bubble Bag 380mm x 435mm + Lip, BB7 (Box of 100)
A large bubble wrap bag 380 x 435mm that can be used for packing large items such as vinyl records, framed prints, and large books.
£ 43.60 43.6 GBP