Polythene Bags (poly Bags)

Our range of plastic bags are manufactured from a high performance, high slip & high clarity LDPE material giving a high quality multi-purpose bag for a wide range of uses. We have a comprehensive range of sizes in stock and many more available on a very short lead-time.

Recyclable Poly Bags

Recyclable poly bags are bags made from materials that can be reprocessed and reused again and again. Recyclable bags can be made from different plastics or paper, most of which are commonly recycled in most UK recycling schemes. The main consideration for polythene recyclable bags is that they are made from just one material. Making them from one material means that the whole bag can be put into the recycling process without contaminating it with other materials. The problem comes when you have two different materials stuck together in one bag making them very difficult to recycle. The most common example of this are bubble lined mailing bags which have a plastic bubble wrap and a paper outer lining. While both materials are recyclable, when they are laminated together they are not easily separated for easy recycling. To overcome this problem, look for bags that are made from just one material, they are much easier to recycle. Most plastic recyclable bags in our range are made from LDPE which is a recycling class 4 material. This is one of the most common packaging plastics and generally makes up the largest proportion of recycled plastic. By using LDPE we make sure that wherever the bag ends up it has the best chance of being able to be recycled. Other recyclable plastic bags are made from HDPE which is a class 2 recyclable material, and polyprop which is a class 3 recyclable material. Both class 2 & class 4 materials are commonly recycled but class 3 bags are more difficult to recycle and not able to be processed by some recycling schemes.
Polythene Bag 900mm x 1200mm 500g, PPTax Exempt 30% Recycled Content
An extra heavy duty poly bag in 36 x 48 inch size for items up to 900mm x 1200mm. Heavy duty 125 micron (500 gauge) big polythene bags for large heavy items. Priced per 1000, sold in packs of 50, Please order in multiples of 0.05.
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Polythene Bag 600mm x 900mm 120g, PPTax Exempt 30% Recycled Content
Large clear bags to fit items up to 600 x 900mm in a general purpose 120g polythene. These LDPE clear bags are recyclable in most kerbside recycling schemes and often contain up to 30% recycled content making them an eco-conscious choice.
Priced per 1000, sold in packs of 500. Order in multiples of 0.5
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Layflat Tubing 900mm 250g 25kg 225m
A 900mm wide clear lay flat tubing for packing items up to 36" wide and 570mm diameter. Clear lay flat tube is made from LDPE which is a transparent polythene used a lot in packaging and easily recycled.
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Layflat Tubing 75mm 500g 3kg 165m
A narrow width lay flat tubing in a heavy duty 500g polythene for packing items up to 75mm in width and 45mm in diameter. Narrow lay flat can be used for packing extrusions and tubes to protect against scratches and scuffs during transit.
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