Pallet Wrapping Machines & Bundling Machines

We supply a range of semi-automatic, fully-automatic, bundling and parcel wrapping machines. The sensible choice for increasing throughput and efficiency in any distribution, manufacturing and warehousing situation. Semi Automatic Palletwrapping Machines are highly recommended by HSE, they guard against claims for back damage and other body damage from employees as well as speeding up your wrapping cycle and increasing your pallet throughput. With a wide range of models each with a selection of options across a range of brands we are confident that we can supply the perfect pallet wrapper for your specific application.

Orbitwrap Pallet Wrapping Machines

Orbitwrap – the entry level range of semi automatic pallet wrapping machines bringing the benefits of semi automation to lower volume users. This Range, comprising of two machines; a core brake standard stretch machine which stretches up to 150% and a Power Prestretch machine which pre-stretches the film up to 300%, is simple in design and very straightforward plug in and go set up.

Spinny Pallet Wrapping Machines

With a range of machines from the standard core break version to the latest innovation suitable for fully automatic systems the Spinny brand of pallet wrapping machines is by far the smartest choice in the range of pallet wrapping machines available.Fantastically durable and modular designing makes these machines very inexpensive to maintain and repair. Many of these machines are still working smoothly far past the recommended machine life and some even in very hard working conditions have surprised us in their extremely low maintenance costs. Spinny – the first and only choice in volume pallet wrapping.

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