Recyclable packaging is often voted as one of the most environmentally friendly types of packaging because it uses a circular lifecycle that reuses old packaging to make new packaging products. This means that less raw materials are being used which as a result is conserving the world's resources. Studies have shown that plastic packaging actually has a lower carbon footprint than paper products, so that raises the question 'Why not focus on recycling plastics rather than moving to paper?'. It's a big question, but we can only agree if a robust recycling scheme is in place and working effectively. One of the main issues with recycling packaging is knowing which packaging can be recycled, plastic packaging is the most complicated as plastic comes in many different types yet only 2 or 3 of the types are readily recycled. This means that much of the plastic ends up as waste anyway despite putting it in a recycling bin. The products in this section are all manufactured from materials that are commonly recycled, so you can be confident that the packaging that you use will most likely be reused again in its future life, if your customer recycles it.

Recycled Packaging

Recycled packaging is packaging that has been manufactured from recycled materials. We make sure all of our recycled packaging products are manufactured with over 50% recycled content, and we even have some packaging that is 100% recycled content. Using recycled materials means that you use less raw material when you use our packaging, so you are helping to conserve the world's resources. Although it is commonly thought that recycled raw materials are lower in quality, this has changed over time with new recycling processes giving higher grades of recycled materials. Now you can buy recycled packaging safe in the knowledge that it will perform.
BUBL Pod Air Cushion Packaging
A range of air pillow packaging sizes for sending delicate and high value items by courier.
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Flower Mailing Boxes for Online Flower Shops
Flower mailing boxes for sending flowers by post and courier.
- Presentation style box design.
- White outside for a professional unboxing experience.
- Durable corrugated cardboard construction.
- Recyclable and Biodegradable.
- Personalisable with your logo and brand message - see below for details.

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Week Free Trial - Papillon Voidfill Paper Machine
A high speed and very cost-effective voidfilling solution that is designed for high volume packing operations giving more voidfilling per £ than other competing paper voidfill systems. However, Papillon is just at home in smaller online stores offering a beautiful looking voidfill for those wanting to give a fabulous unboxing experience to their customers.
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Geami WrapPak Paper Bubble Wrap 510mm x 250m Brown
A very protective paper based biodegradable alternative to standard bubble wrap.
- Honeycomb paper roll that can be used in conjunction with coloured & printed tissue paper.
- Biodegradable, recyclable and reusable.
- Stretchy and flexible - conforms to many different shaped items.
- Perfect for small and high volume online stores alike.
- Quicker and easier to use than bubble wrap.
- Interlocks with itself so no need for taping.
- To be used with a Geami WrapPak dispenser.
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Recyclable Single Wall Eco-Friendly Packing Boxes
General purpose single wall packing boxes that are 100% recyclable and biodegradable.
- Can be used for a wide range of general purpose packing such as sending online orders by courier.
- Fully Biodegradable and Compostable in almost all natural environments.
- 100% recyclable in almost all kerbside recycling schemes.
- Manufactured in the UK for a lower carbon footprint.
- Can be custom printed and personalised with your brand logos & messages.
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