60% off! - Polypropylene Bag 350mm x 450mm Box of 1000
£ 65.00 £ 175.00 65.0 GBP
Incudes a permanent peel & seal closure
Printed with a warning notice
This product has no quality issue, it was a returned product due to incorrect spec.
Available while stocks last
40mu/160g plastic
Up to 33% off! - Heavy Duty Book Wrap Mailer 250mm x 190mm x 0-85mm (Pack of 20)
£ 23.16 £ 25.74 23.16 GBP
A super strong book wrap for packing heavy books in durable cardboard packaging. These heavy duty book wrap mailers are a double layer construction giving improved rigidity and impact protection. 33% off when ordering 5 packs or more.
60% off! - Layflat Tubing 80mm 400g 3kg 240m Black
£ 34.00 £ 83.55 34.0 GBP
A 3" black lay flat tubing for packing light sensitive items or products that need an extra layer of security. This opaque black LFT will pack items up to 80mm in width or 50mm in diameter.
Up to 50% off! - Layflat Tubing 900mm 500g 20kg 96m
£ 48.00 £ 81.91 48.0 GBP
A wide lay flat tubing for items up to 900mm wide or 570mm in diameter, in a thick 500g polythene for durable heavy duty use. This recyclable lay flat tubing can be used for temporary protection for delicate surfaces, and can be recycled after use.
S/Wall 220mm x 140mm x 50mm Diecut Postal Box
£ 0.65 £ 0.81 0.65 GBP
**70% off if you order 200 or more**