Handywrap 100mm x 300m Premium Mini Stretch Wrap Rolls


Mini stretch wrap rolls made from stretch film for bundling & wrapping items for transit. A handy little roll that will fit most mini wrap dispenser handles.

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Mini Stretch Wrap

Mini stretch wrap rolls, also known as hand stretch film rolls or handy wrap stretch film, are compact and lightweight packaging solutions designed for small-scale or manual wrapping applications. These rolls are typically narrower in width, making them easy to handle and suitable for bundling, securing, and protecting smaller items, cartons, or palletized loads. Mini stretch wrap rolls are a cost-effective alternative for businesses that do not require the high-volume wrapping capabilities of machine stretch film.

The smaller size of these rolls makes them portable and convenient for on-the-go packaging needs. They are commonly used in retail settings, warehouses, and small businesses for tasks such as bundling individual products, wrapping small cartons, or stabilizing items on retail shelves.

Despite their compact size, mini stretch wrap rolls offer excellent load containment and stability. The film's stretchability allows for a tight and secure wrap around the packaged items, protecting them from dust, moisture, and tampering during transit or storage.

In addition to their practicality, mini stretch wrap rolls are an eco-friendly packaging option. They generate less waste compared to larger rolls, and some varieties are even made from recycled materials.

Whether used for securing individual products or small quantities of goods on pallets, mini stretch wrap rolls provide a versatile and efficient solution for businesses seeking to enhance their packaging and protect their products during handling and transportation.

Our mini stretch wrap rolls are a narrow 100mm wide stretch wrapping film on a 300m long roll that can be used with our handy wrap dispensers. It is handy for wrapping and bundling items together, and stretch wrapping awkward shapes. Many warehouses use mini rolls of stretch film to bundle multi item orders together, it is easy to use and much faster than tying or taping items together. Mini wrap also can be easily cut and removed without leaving any residue like packing tape does. Mini bundling film rolls are made from LLDPE polythene wound on a cardboard core so both are recyclable and the card core is biodegradable, a great eco-conscious choice.

Mini Wrap Key Features:

 - Small 100mm wide roll for each one handed wrapping

 - Fits most mini stretch roll dispenser handles

 - Good quality 17mu eqv film

 - Recyclable plastic film

Bulk Buy Pricing on Mini Stretch Film Rolls

Mini stretch film rolls are available to buy in bulk pallet quantities for those looking for wholesale rates. We import stretch film so are a very competitive source for large quantities.

Box of 20 RollsPallet of 800 RollsPallet of 1500 RollsMultiple Pallets
£2.61 per roll£1.58 per roll£1.53 per rollCall our team for prices

Mini Stretch Wrap Specification

Product Code: 110P

Wrap Dimensions: 100mm x 300m

Width: 100mm

Thickness eqv: 17mu

Length: 300m

Material: LLDPE Film

Weight of Roll: 440g (0.44 kg)

Finish: Clear - one side cling

Quantity per Box: 20 Rolls

Quantity per Pallet: 1500 rolls (75 boxes)

Eco Packaging Score: 3/5

 - Recyclable: Yes

 - Biodegradable: No

 - Sustainable Materials: Yes (recyclable)

 - Plastic Free: No

 - Reduced Carbon Footprint: Yes (thinner but stronger)