Recycled Packaging Foam

Recycled foam packaging is made from at least 30% recycled plastic for a more sustainable packaging choice. Using recycled plastic in the manufacture of packaging foam helps to conserve natural resources and divert tonnes of waste plastic from landfill. The recycled plastic that our range of protective foam packaging is made from is cleaned and decontaminated to a level which maintains the top performance you always expect from us. Choose from our standard 30%  recycled plastic foam products,  and our new 100% recycled content 'ocean green' foam packaging profiles to take your packaging sustainability to the next level. Recycled foam packaging is also a more economical choice as it is exempt from the UK plastic packaging tax, save money and the environment at the same time!
100% Recycled Packaging Foam Profiles

100% Recycled Foam Profiles

Ocean Green Recycled Packaging Foam Profiles

Ocean Green Foam Profiles

Recycled Packaging Foam Sheets

Recycled Foam Sheets

            Pros & Cons of Recycled Packaging Foam

            Packaging foam lends itself well to being made from recycled plastic, because the foam is usually coloured anyway the slightly 'off colour' of recycled plastic isn't a problem and the minor defects are unnoticeable due to the foamed construction of the product. Using recycled packaging foam is a very good opportunity to increase your packaging sustainability and reduce the amount of non-renewable raw materials used. Below we explore the pros and cons of using recycled packaging foam.


            • Increases packaging sustainability
            • Reduces the amount of non renewable raw materials used
            • Reduces plastic waste going to landfill
            • Reduces costs because it is exempt from the UK plastic packaging tax


            • There may be slight variations in quality between batches