The Official Home of Tufpac® Postal Packaging & Tufpac® Book Wraps

Welcome to the official home of Tufpac® a leading Uk brand in Book Wraps and Tufpac® Postal Packaging. Here at Datec Packaging we manufacture and distribute the Tufpac® range to distributors, fulfilment stores, and high volume users throughout the UK and Ireland.

How Tufpac® Packaging Was Born

Hand in hand with the boom of online stores and ecommerce has come a new shift in types of packaging, 20 years ago a standard brown box was enough, we didn't have to use the courier service that much, our customers walked into our brick and mortar stores and bought our stuff, it was easy. Then ecommerce came along and we had to start sending our products out to customers, the standard box was fine to start with but then we started to realise our customers couldn't open our boxes easily, the standard box was time consuming to pack and often needed extra voidfill to pack it out...

...That's when Tufpac® stepped in...

Right from our humble roots back in 1997 we've been forging a new standard of quality and customer service that sets us apart as one of the most preferred suppliers of Corrugated Postal Packaging and Book Wrap Mailers in the Uk. It's not just our next day delivery service or quality level, but it's the energy and enthusiasm with which we deliver, the inbuilt passion for postal packaging that drives us to create something new and special, the integrity with which we hold to our promises, and our humility and sincerity in accepting and righting our mistakes if ever we make one.


Within the Tufpac® range are a selection of Book Wraps, Postal Wraps, and Postal Boxes aimed at reducing your packing speed down to the absolute minimum. We are constantly updating our flagship products and inventing new ideas that improve packing flow and reduce the number of 'touch points' needed for packing a parcel.

Standard Tufpac® Book Wrap

A cost effective book wrap for high volume fulfilment centres and ecommerce stores. Quick and easy to pack with and offering good all-round protection. Manufactured in SMART fluting to give a robust but slim wrap profile.


A more durable and crush resistant book wrap with increased board strength and turned over sides. Our premium book wrap range gives a better looking and tougher postal wrap.

TUFtwist® TwistWRAP mailer

A postal mailer in a twistwrap style which allows length adjustment as well as depth giving a more flexible mailer. The internal flaps of our twistwrap range also seal with a glue strip giving a more secure and tamper evident postal wrap.