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eCommerce Packaging & Packaging for Online Stores

Once upon a time, not so long ago, there was no eCommerce. eCommerce Packaging was not a phrase in anyone's vocabulary. This boom in recent years has not only created opportunities for many companies but has created headaches in the packaging and dispatch departments.

If you're one of those distraught operations directors/managers who are watching a steadily growing mound of damages & returns, or struggling to cope with the volume of online orders during the peaks of online retail, it's time to sit back and dream...Imagine being able to send out that glass jar in confidence, imagine packing a delicate model into a box knowing that your customer will not be asking for a replacement, imagine that feeling of pride when you're able to handle even the highest order volumes and still dispatch on time. Those dreams are reality here at Datec, all it takes is one short conversation with one of our packaging advisers and your problems are history.

eCommerce Packaging Box

Incognito® internally printed E-commerce Packaging is an innovative new way of improving the 'unboxing' experience for your customers. These special cardboard boxes are custom printed with a pattern print on the inside rather than the outside, which means your customers are kept in suspense until they open your parcel. Plain brown understated outside keeps the parcel contents secret which is especially good for high value items - a great eCommerce Packaging Solution. Internal printing can be as simple or as complicated as your budget will allow; a simple single colour pattern print looks great and will get your brand shared on social media at low cost, or go right ahead with a full colour high impact print that your customers won't be able to throw away!

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Our Range of  eCommerce Packaging is Specially Designed with Your Brand Image and the Unboxing Experience in Mind, here you'll discover a range of products that you can use to WOW your customers and get your brand shared on social media...

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