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How to Get your Unboxing Videos onto Social Media

Google says unboxing videos have been trending up on search results since 2002. It's no wonder that unboxing videos have become an important part of many retail brand's marketing campaigns.

Unboxing videos can be created and used in two ways. Firstly they can be created by the online store themselves. These videos are often professionally created and show how to unpack a product and also what the parcel contains. Another more powerful method is to encourage your customers to make them and share them on social media. This gives your brand extra credibility and brand coverage to many more potential customers than your normal marketing efforts could match.

How to Encourage your Customers to Share an Unboxing Video

To encourage your customers to share their new purchase on social media you need to make the unboxing experience impressive. Here are a few tips to get you thinking about what is important to your customer when designing your unboxing experience.

  1. The Unboxing Journey: Think about taking your customer on a journey through the packaging, consider holding your customer in suspense with a series of cardboard flaps each printed with a message to hide the product from view until the last flap is raised. It will set the mood of excitement and add that bit extra to your brand that sets it apart from the rest.
    Printed eCommerce Packaging
  2. Wrap your Products in Tissue: Wrapping your products in paper or tissue adds a significant amount of class and shows you have gone that extra bit further to deliver a fantastic customer experience. And it's very cost effective too! At less than a couple of pence per sheet it's worth every penny.
  3. Pack your Products Neatly: Make sure your contents are neatly packed and can't move around in transport, you don't want an unboxing video to display a jumbled mess! Packing your parcels tightly also reduces the risk of damage to the products inside.
  4. Use Incognito® eCommerce Boxes: Incognito® packaging is plain and understated on the outside to keep your delivery low key. But when the box is opened your customer is met with a blaze of colour. Incognito® eCommerce packaging really helps to impress your customer with a professional approach.
    Inside Printed Incognito® eCommerce BoxeCommerce Packaging with Inside Print

By combining all or some of these points you will create an unboxing experience that really impresses your customer. Instinctively they will want to share their experience with their friends. When you have got them to this point all it takes it a short message asking them to take a video of their experience. You could even hold a competition for the best unboxing video and offer a prize.



Do you use any of these ideas in your packaging? Or have you ever shared an unboxing video? Let us know your comments below.


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