Recycled Plastic Mailing Bags

Recycled plastic mailing bags are poly mailers that are made with recycled plastic. They are made by mixing at least 30% recycled plastic in with new plastic to make a recycled plastic mix. This ensures the performance of the mailing bag is maintained while producing a more environmentally friendly and sustainable mailer bag. Using recycled plastic in poly mailing bags helps to reduce the amount of plastic going to landfill, and means they are exempt from the UK plastic packaging tax. The performance and durability of recycled poly mailers are maintained by using a high performance film grade, this higher quality grade, even when mixed with recycled plastics, give a strong and durable mailing bag. The dark grey colour also provides an opaque film helping to keep your parcels secure when in transit.

Why use recycled plastic in Poly Mailers?

Using recycled plastic in poly mailers makes them more sustainable and eco-friendly. Poly mailers are very popular for sending a wide range of online orders by post which creates a lot of waste plastic. By recycling all those poly mailers back into more poly mailers, we can help conserve raw materials and make the popular poly mailing bag more sustainable.

How do you recycle Poly Mailing Bags?

Poly mailing bags can be recycled in most kerbside recycling schemes in the UK. They are usually made from an LDPE or MDPE plastic which is widely recycled. Recycling poly mailers involves separating them out and putting them with other LDPE or MDPE plastics. Once sorted they can be cleaned, then shredded into small pieces which can be easily melted down. They are then melted and mixed together and any contaminants removed, before being moulded into pellets for plastic extruders to reuse.