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SpeedBuild Crashlock Cartons & High Speed Packaging Solutions

    Struggling for space and volume is rising? Increase your throughput with our great Innovative SpeedBuild Cartons.

High speed packing cases designed to boost efficiency and increase throughput especially in the eCommerce markets. The don't just save you money in wages they Increase throughput in your packing department allowing you to Increase turnover without increasing overheads. 

Decrease your packing speed and boost your throughput.

  • High Tack Peel & Seal Closure Strip
  • 1 Second Make-up Construction
  • Returns Sealing Strip for Resealing and Reuse
  • Tear Opening Strip
  • Internal Printing for an Incognito Package
  • Multi-Use Design
  • Multi-Version Printing for a Regular Refreshed Look


      Stock Sizes

      CrashLock Postal Carton 213 x 153 x 109mm Brown

      CrashLock Postal Carton 325 x 310 x 170mm Brown

      CrashLock Postal Carton 450 x 325 x 190mm Brown 


          Speedbuild has been developed for the eCommerce industry where bulk shipping is involved and the need for cutting time as much as possible is invaluable. We're helping you not just save money in wages but also increasing throughput in your packing department. This will allow you to increase your turnover without increasing your overheads.

      Making them the fastest and best around has been our goal, with a make-up time as low as 1 second! Our high tack peel and seal closure strip allows the product to reach your customer securely. Once reached it's destination all that is needed to open their package is to pull the tab for the tear opening strip.... and it's open! Quick, easy and hassle free. That's how we all like it! Adding to their customer experience we also offer a returns peel and seal strip for resealing and reuse in case your customer needs this facility.

      Go Incognito with internal printing. Write a thank you message or have your company design printed on the inside. Ever wondered how to keep your brand and the contents of your parcels secret as well as giving your customers their well deserved unboxing experience. A plain understated exterior and a high impact interior is a smart way for your goods to travel ranking your products high in your customers valuation of your company increasing the chance of repeat orders by 40%.

      Multi-version printing is also available to keep your brand apart from the crowd. Printing short runs, different versions of print for alternative products or clients, or high quality graphic runs needed quickly? We can take most of our stock products and apply a digital overprint in full colour at fantastic turnarounds speeds giving you the opportunity to be even more creative than before.

      This range of speedbuild boxes can be built to last. Offering a multi-use design this product has the capability to be used again and again - something your customer won't want to throw away. Transforming your packaging from protective packaging to a useful household storage container