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Quotation FAQs

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Please see the below definitions and explanations for the specific points of your quote. If you have any other questions, just respond to your quote or give us a call on 02476611234.

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FEFCO codes:

FEFCO is an organisation which sets the standards for box styles, and relates these to the codes you will see in our quote. These codes are understood, and identical, throughout the cardboard box market.

The most popular box styles for our customers are 0427 and 0471 as these allow for an unrivalled unboxing experience for your customer.

You may also see an 'M' after this code, which signifies that your box will be based on the FEFCO code, however it will be modified to make the best box for your individual requirements. This may be as a result of adding our Peel & Seal Closure with Tear Opening, as this requires the box to be modified.



This box is very popular for flatter eCommerce boxes, as it allows the contents to be revealed quickly and easily on opening, and gives a no-fuss packing for yourselves. It does this whilst remaining efficient with the cardboard, and secure whilst in transit.



This option gives a similar experience to the above 0427, however is better suited for taller boxes, as it is a more efficient design for taller boxes. It uses less cardboard, and therefore is more cost effective.



We can supply two different types of samples:

1. A sample of your requested size (which may be plain, or printed with one of our previous customer's branding) and a selection of printed samples of various sizes, to give you an idea of the sort of print quality that we can supply. This sample pack is fully refundable if 1. A bespoke sample is purchased or 2. A bulk order of bespoke printed boxes is placed with us.

2. A bespoke printed sample of your specified size and print. A selection of printed samples of various sizes will be included if the above sample pack has not been requested. This value is not refundable. if your require more than one different samples, the extra cost is reflected as a '/extra' figure on the quote. Please note: the print quality of the bespoke printed sample will not be representative of the final print quality of the bulk order boxes. They use vastly different printing techniques, optimised for low volume and high volume production respectively. They should be used for print positioning, print size, and box size and style only.

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Lead Time:

Our lead time is to give you an idea of when to expect your delivery. It is based on past orders similar to your's, however due to the many manufacturing processes this is not guaranteed. This is measured from when all of the following processes have been completed:

1. The order has been placed

2. The Proforma Invoice has been paid (or credit terms have been agreed on)

3. The final artwork has been approved