eCommerce Packaging Bags

eCommerce packaging bags are mailing bags and padded mailers that have been developed for use by online shops for sending online orders. They generally fall into two different categories, padded ecommerce bags and non-padded mailing bags. eCommerce bags are a very popular product for sending online orders as they are faster to pack with than ecommerce boxes, the integrated high speed peel & seal strip sealing makes these quick and easy without the need for additional sealing products. Their flexible construction conforms well to different sized items and they rarely need any extra internal packaging to ensure the order gets to their customer in good condition. 

All eCommerce Bags

A wide range of ecommerce packaging bags that cover both padded and non-padded variants constructed from plastic and paper. Here you'll find a full range of ecommerce packaging bags.

Paper Mailing Bags

Paper mailing bags are an increasingly popular alternative to poly mailing bags due to their professional look and eco friendly credentials.

Cardboard Mailing bags

Although not strictly a mailing bag our cardboard envelopes are a popular alternative to jiffy bags due to their stiffness and rigid construction that helps to reduce damages.

Types of eCommerce Packaging Bags

There are several different types of eCommerce packaging bags for different applications and for packaging different items. Below we take a look at some of the main types of ecommerce bags.

eCommerce Courier Bags

eCommerce courier bags are often recognised as poly mailers, the opaque plastic mailers that are used a lot for sending online orders. However there are other types too, their paper cousins are an eco friendly alternative being very similar in design but manufactured from paper instead of plastic. E-commerce courier bags are generally used for robust and soft products such as clothing and pre-packaged items such as toys.

Eco Friendly eCommerce Bags

There are different types of eco friendly ecommerce bags and generally fall into two eco friendly categories. There are recyclable ecommerce bags, and biodegradable ecommerce bags, both of which are good for the environment but the biodegradable options definitely come out tops. Paper mailing bags are the best eco friendly e-commerce packaging bags as they are both recyclable and biodegradable. Paper mailing bags also come in a padded form with a paper padded layer instead of a bubble or foam padding.

E-commerce Packaging Bags for Clothing

Poly mailers and paper mailing bags are both e-commerce packaging bags for clothing. Most clothing is soft and non breakable so can be shipped in an e-commerce mailing bag that doesn't need extra padding. All our non-padded e-commerce bags are suitable for clothing and have the added bonus of being very fast to pack. Clothing also typically has a high return rate so we also offer ecommerce bags with a returns strip so your customers can return items quickly and easily in the same packaging as it was sent in.

Padded Packaging Bags for eCommerce

Padded packaging bags for ecommerce are ecommerce bags with a padded liner. These liners can be a bubble or foam liner, or an eco friendly paper honeycomb or waste paper shred lining. Bubble lined packaging bags like jiffy bags have been used by online stores for sending web orders for years but now there are eco friendly alternatives such as the paper padded bags from Jiffy. The padded liner gives an extra cushioning layer of protection that helps to protect products from bumps while travelling through the post.

Bespoke eCommerce Packaging Bags

Bespoke ecommerce packaging bags are ecommerce bags that can be personalised and custom printed with logos and messages. Our range of custom mailing bags offer a valuable branded ecommerce packaging experience, communicating your brand message and giving your customers a memorable buying experience. Printed ecommerce bags are available as single ply paper mailing bags, poly mailing bags, and padded mailing bags. Although bespoke ecommerce packaging bags are more expensive than plain stock bags they offer an opportunity to display your brand further than just your customer. Many online orders are photographed and shared on social media with your customers friends, printing your packaging helps you get your logo and brand message out to them as well.