CMC Packing Machine Consumables

"We understand the need for smooth trouble free running at MAX speeds so we keep specially tested products that do just that for the CMC range of packaging machines"

CMC packing machines are making waves in ecommerce order fulfilment and mailing packs because of their high efficiency and ability to process paper packaging materials as well as the traditional plastic film.  With this increase in paper packing, bubble film packing, and fan-fold corrugated for the CMC CARTONWRAP machines has come the opportunity to innovate with new materials and products to drive cost reductions and improved user experience.

As a CMC machine packaging supplier we understand the constraints of the CMC range of machinery and what materials you can run on your CMC machine to help you to pack your ecommerce orders quicker and more effectively.  New fanfold grades giving more metres per pallet, and foam backed paper in place of bubble backed paper, are just some of the innovations that help to reduce downtime, increase efficiency, and thereby decreasing packing costs.

Reel Paper for CMC ONE Mailing Machine

High quality reel paper for CMC One mailing machines is various widths and thicknesses all aimed at keeping your CMC ONE running at maximum speeds with folding and cutting kept as smooth and precise as possible.

It's often a bit troublesome starting out with using paper on a CMC ONE mailer machine, and if you don't get the right paper to start with you could be running in circles trying to solve problems that can be easily solved with the correct paper.

Fan-fold Corrugated CardBoard for a CMC CARTONWRAP machine

We supply a range of thicknesses and strengths of fan-fold corrugated cardboard for use in the CMC Cartonwrap machine, giving you a selection of options helping you balance performance and price .  We can supply z-folded cardboard in single wall and double wall formats along with custom printing and custom sizes.

We also supply Z-folded Fanfold cardboard with special additions such as peel & seal returns strips for easy returns and tear opening strips for frustration free packaging.

Corrugated Paper roll for a CMC Paper-Pro

Our single faced corrugated paper rolls for CMC paper pro machines come in a range of different corrugated profiles and paper weights giving you a selection of strengths and levels of protection you can choose from.

Single faced corrugated cardboard rolls are often too poor quality for running reliably on a CMC paper-pro machine so our grades add that extra strength to make sure each finished pack is produced perfectly.  Our CMC Paper-pro corrugated paper reels come in white or brown with the option of additional printing to give a professional and high quality mailing pack.

Padded Envelopes for a CMC SMARTMAILER

Our range of padded envelopes and bubble mailers for a CMC SMARTMAILER are premium quality padded mailers that are designed specifically for running reliably on the CMC machines.  We have developed our range to solve all the common problems which are experienced because of creased or bent mailers, loose internal padding, and poor size tolerances.

We have ranges of plastic free padded envelopes, foam padded envelopes as well as the usual jiffy bag style mailing bags.  Custom printed options are also available with digital and flexo printing options.

Bubble Paper for a CMC Bubblewrapper

Bubble paper for a CMC Paper-pro machine is a layer of bubble wrap laminated to a sheet of paper.  This gives a packing material that can be used to pack ecommerce orders in much the same way as a bubble lined jiffy bag.

Other options in padded paper for a CMC Paper-pro machine is foam backed paper reels and paper pad reels, both offering increase efficiency benefits for packing ecommerce orders in a paper-pro machine.