About Us

Welcome to Datec Packaging, the company where product selection, competitiveness, quality, service and innovation unite to provide a seamless e-commerce packaging provider.

Our first postal packaging product was a success... so it's been our aim to develop and improve eCommerce packaging for online users, ever since.

"Our Mission is to deliver a shot of enthusiasm, a breath of fresh air, a ray of sunshine, and an unmatched range of stock and bespoke packaging materials to our customers, along with an innovative approach to every packaging challenge"


Here at Datec we go further than fulfilling your needs, we anticipate. That is what makes us so different, and is the reason why our customers come back time after time, they want the service we are renowned for, not just the products we supply.

For us, quality has one level = High. With our commitment to ISO 9001 and a high proportion of our products conforming to the International BondMark Packaging Standards we can assure you we will deliver a product that works.

Over the past years we have experienced significant and progressive growth, with a customer retention level of over 95%, hard proof of the level of care we give each and every one of our customers.


Bespoke packaging solutions are our forte, we love designing and developing new solutions and tackling difficult problems, give us a seemingly impossible lead-time and we will be delighted. And not only that, we have a range of stock items that cover a wide variety of applications and help you to cut your costs through economies of scale.


When we design our packaging, whether it is a stock range or a bespoke design, our foremost thought is your customers needs, therefore every product we sell is designed and developed with your customer in mind. Little things like personal messages, easy to open tear strips, easy returns packaging & professional presentation, make an indelible impression on your customers mind.


We all know time is money, it’s not just wages, every hour incurs extra costs such as overheads, managerial wages, employment legislation & associated risks, etc...etc... Well known business economists value an average warehouse workers time at £20/hour, that means that every minute you can save when packing an order gains you an extra 33p, that goes a long way in packaging terms.