About us...and you.

This page is all about who we are and what we do, but it's also about you.  As a company we provide solutions to our customers, not just packaging products, our customers know us best for providing solutions when they are in a tight spot.  We know we are one of many companies that sell packaging, but here at Datec we hope you will find something more, like our other loyal customers do.

We were established back in 1999 when our founder saw an opportunity in the marketplace, and along with help from friends that were also in the industry, laid the foundations for a reliable company firmly rooted in customer service.  Right from the beginning, attention to what our customers needs are, has been central to steady growth and a loyal customer base.  For you as a customer this means a solid company that will always be there for you to fall back on in times of need, a team that will take time to understand and provide a solution.  We understand that your needs may be different to the last company we spoke to, and we tailor our product and service offering to match.

Another of our strengths is our constant exploration of new packaging products that save time, money, and energy.  For you this means we are regularly keeping you updated with new packaging ideas that could help you cut your operational costs, reduce your packaging spend, and make packing easier for your staff.  We are like your very own research group that is always working to make your packing departments more efficient, and bringing you an unmatched range from innovative and competitive manufacturers across the world.  This constant research and development is driven by a deep desire to be the best in the packaging market, that's what makes us different, we offer a lot more than just a copy of what every other packaging company sells.

"Our Mission is to deliver a shot of enthusiasm, a breath of fresh air, a ray of sunshine, and an unmatched range of stock and bespoke packaging materials to our customers, along with an innovative approach to every packaging challenge"

If one of our team were discussing packaging with you we would fully expect you to say 'we have a packaging company we have used for a while and we are very happy with them'.  That's not unusual, there are many packaging companies that can supply packaging regularly and consistently, but here's a few scenarios where we've really shone for our customers:

  1. At the start of March 2020 it was 'lockdown' a time when many manufacturing plants were cutting back volume due to social distancing. Caught up in this reduction of supply, an online retail store was left high and dry by their old supplier and was told there was nothing that could be done.  Within 24 hours of the call for help we had delivered an alternative product to keep them going, and a week later had set up and manufactured custom packaging at a higher quality and a better price.  Now a loyal customer this story is evidence of our flexibility, and ability to call on a diverse supplier base and search out fast and reliable supply.

  2. With print on packaging historically being somewhat rough and ready with low tolerances, we were one of the first to recognise that ecommerce boxes were increasingly being seen as a marketing tool not just a box.  This gap between what an online personalised printed gift company expected and what they got was one we were quick to notice and move to fill.  With HD flexo printing, we delivered a range of mailing packs that delivered their online orders in packaging that complimented their marketing efforts.  We don't take usual flexo printing standard as satisfactory, we know that with the right machinery and the right level of operator skill we can deliver packaging that looks the part.